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Google+ game: Kingdom Age review

Read the review of the Google+ game Kingdom Age. Read this article to know what developer Funzio has to offer in this fun filled exciting game. Know the pros and cons of the game Kingdom Age and some tips to play Kingdom Age on Google+

Google+ game: GT racing- Motor Academy review

Read the review of the Google+ game GT Racing: Motor Academy. Know the pros and cons of the game along with tips to play this game. Read about the interesting features of this game and a lot more about GT Racing: Motor Academy

Google+ game: Candy Dash review

Read the review of the game Candy Dash on Google+ Read to know what is this game all about, how to play Candy Dash, pros and cons of this game, what all are the interesting features of this game and a lot more about Candy Dash game on Google+

Google+ game: Township review

This article is a game review of Google+ game Township. Read on to know the pros and cons of Township along with the story line and genre of the game. Read on to know what Township has to offer you and to get some general tips to play the Township game on Google+

How to Replace Google Plus with Facebook

There is no doubt that both Google and Facebook are considered to be the web giants. But there are certain things that are making Google Plus more attractive to the visitors as compared to Facebook and a time will come when Google Plus will be preferred and it will break the monopoly of Facebook.

Google+ and its effects on businesses and SEO of websites

Read this article to understand the effects of Google+ on SEO of your blog or website. Learn how you can utilize Google+ to improve your search engine visibility and credibility along with tips to increase your blog followers using Google+ Read how Google+ affects your blog and its ranking and how you can utilize it for your benefit.

Google+ game: Bubble Witch Saga review

This article reviews the action-packed game Bubble Witch Saga which can be played free on the Google+ and a few other websites. You need to register on Google+ website and play the game without any hassles. Playing for cash is allowed only in countries/states whose laws permit it. Brief about the creator of game is given. Further it goes to describe how Bubble Witch Saga is played. In the end a few tips and strategy to play the game is given. Create your own Avatar to play the game.

Google+ game: Backyard Monsters review

This article deals with the action-packed game Backyard Monsters which can be played free on the Google plus. Have an account on the Google plus and start plying it free. The players devise their own strategies to play a game, yet it is better to learn from the experience of the seasoned players of the game. This article gives a few tips and tricks to play Backyard Monsters. Kixeye, the company that developed Backyard Monsters has left no stone unturned to make it interesting which will keep you absorbed.

Google+ game: UNO Boost review

This is an article which gives you the information about the new game UNO Boost which was added to Google+ Game Platform. In this article you will find the game plan and also both the merits and demerits of this UNO Boost game.

Google+ game: Bug Village in Google+

This is an article which gives you information about the Bug Village game in Google Plus. On reading this you will understand the merits and demerits of the game. Here by I have also given the game plan of Bug Village which make the new player to understand and play well.

How to play 8 Ball Multiplayer Pool

In Google+, I found an interesting game called “8 Ball Multiplayer Pool”. I really liked this game because it is like the real Eight ball game and it is just like the original one. Here I will give you a complete review about this game.

Google+ game: GolMania review

This article is about the review of the GolMania game in Google +. We all know that Google+ gaming platform is filled with many games. Now to it, it has added a football/soccer type game for its members to play and enjoy with others. Here is the review and some tips on how to play GolMania in Google+.

How to start playing Edgeworld - walkthrough

If you have used Google+ then you must have seen lots of games which are available to play. Probably you must have played some or many and probably the “EDGEWORLD”. It is all about building your area and making it more secure. So here is the brief introduction about the game.

Google+ game: Slotomania review

Google+ has another game added to its Gaming Platform and that is Slotomania, the slot machine. This is casino based gambling game from Playtika. Here in this article I would have briefed out all the details which are you need to know about this game as a player. So read it and start playing or gambling online.

Google+ game: Flood it review

This is an review about the Google + game, Flood-It. This is an highly addictive game for player. This is simple game with less graphics. In this article you will know more details and game concept of Flood-It. I have also given some steps on how to pay this game in Google+/

The magic button in Google "+1"

From the time Google has introduced the revolutionary Google+, it’s being welcomed and liked by most of the people. The amazing new innovative ideas, new applications and cool features of Google+ are really mind blowing. I have seen many innovative and nice features in Google+ from which I am going to discuss about the magic “+1” button. You must have marked and probably used a +1 button in the entire Google website. I am here discussing about its utility in Google+.

How to increase Google Plus One

Bloggers, here is an article which will help you to understand the importance of Google Plus One. I have also stated some simple steps to be followed to increase your Plus One which will help your article to rank in the top in the search engine results.

Google+ game: CityVille review

CityVille is yet another city building game from Zynga. It has been added to Google+ game platform for all its members with 3D effects, creating a visual treat for the members in Google+. Here is the review about CityVille and also steps to follow in playing this CityVille game in Google+.

Google+ game: Triple Town review

Triple Town, is the new game added to Google+ Game Platform. This game is the city building game with quite some attracting and new features which attracts many players. Here is the review of Triple Town which also let you know how to play this game.

Google+ game: Collapse! Blast review

Collapse! Blast is a new game which gave its path into Google+, a Social Networking website of Google. This is an article written or all the player to understand about Collapse! Blast. Well here you will come to know how to play Collapse Blast in Google+ and some tips and tricks on how to earn high points in this game. So read this and make useful while you play this game in Google+.

Google+ game: Sudoku Puzzle review

Sudoku Puzzle is new game added to the Google+ games. This is a normal Sudoku which comes in our newspaper but this times its online which is more attracting the Google+ users. Here I have given my review about Sudoku Puzzle game in Google Plus. So read it and start your mind cracking puzzle which is waiting for you in Google Plus.

Google+ game: Diamond Dash review

Diamond Dash is one of the game in Google+ which was developed and marketed by Wooga. This is one of the world's most played game as this game has more than 10million player all over the world. Now they have come into the social networking site of Google's Google Plus. Here this article is all about the Diamond Dash game such as description and how to play. So read it and start playing your Daimond Dash game in Google +.

Google+ game: Resort World review

Resort World is one the most played game in Google+. This is a new game which is listed in first 20 games in Google+. This article will be very useful for all its players and fans where you can know about what Resort World game is about and how to play and earn in Resort World.

Google+ game: Monster World review

Monster World is one of the game in Google+ social networking site. This is a new game and most popular game which is being played by all people in he world. Monster World has getting more player day by day and the number of player paling it is increased. Here is a review about this which help you to understand and play this game.

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