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Google+ plus new look, feel and features- review

Read about the new features of Google+ Read what all changes and new features have been included in Google+ and if they are the good or the bad. Read what Google and other people have to say about the changes in look and feel on Google+

How to increase Google Plus One

Bloggers, here is an article which will help you to understand the importance of Google Plus One. I have also stated some simple steps to be followed to increase your Plus One which will help your article to rank in the top in the search engine results.

How to chat with circle members on Google plus

Here in this article you will come to know all about the chat options available on Google plus. How to chat with your circle members on Google+, how to send file through Google+ chat, how to chat with multiple members at a time on Google plus?

How to Create your own page on Google Plus

Today Google Plus launched its most awaited feature of page creation for its Google Plus users. Users are rushing to create their own page. For now there is no restriction to create many pages but after creating 5 pages you will be asked to verify yourself.

How Google Plus can outdo or replace Facebook and Twitter

In this article I have jotted down many aspects and points, why I consider Google plus better than any other social media presently available over internet. I have researched on many points which gives a satisfactory reason for me to say that Google plus can replace facebook and twitter.

What's hot on Google plus and YouTube tab on Google plus

Google plus just few days ago has launched its new feature called Whats hot on Google plus. another important feature launched recently by Google plus is Youtube tab on the right sidebar and "Whats hot on Google+" tab on the left sidebar. These two features are now very much popular on Google plus.

Some errors and changes detected on Google plus

Here in the article I will give you some of the changes I found while browsing Google plus. These are though small changes but can create a big trouble to a site like Google plus, which is tracked and used by more than 43 million plus people.

Upcoming features on Google plus, Call your friends

With the up-gradation of Timeline profile, Google plus too has started rolling out its new features. These features are definitely better than the feature currently Facebook is having. So here is the gist of some of the upcoming features on Google plus. In this I have mentioned only one feature.

Facebook in Google Plus with the help of Crossrider

In this article, I am going to discuss about how to use Facebook in Google Plus. Google Plus is the social networking site which is recently introduced by Google. Google plus got tremendous response in the social networking market. Till know, Facebook is ruling the social networking market. It will be little difficult in the starting days to check both websites for the updates from your friends. With the help of Crossrider extension, you can see Facebook updates in Google Plus.

Five Chrome extensions for Google Plus(+)

From the past few weeks, Google Plus is the talk of the internet. No Wikileaks, No Office 365, No Video chat in Facebook - The discussion is only about Google Plus. In a group of four tech people, we can find almost four of them are discussing on Google Plus. This is the hype created by Google with its social networking site. Google succeeded by making their first impression as the best impression.In this article, I discussed about five important chrome extensions which enhance the usage of Google Plus.

Google+ for businesses and websites

Are you a business owner or webmaster looking for ways to create a business profile for you in Google+ ? Read further to learn how to setup a business profile in Google Plus.

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