Google+ impressions of users, comparison & more

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How to protect Google Plus account from being hacked

Have you ever felt that your Google Plus account may be hacked and you may loose some sensitive data of you and your friends ? There are few simple steps by which you can add rather implement advanced security features to your Google Plus account. In this article the steps required to secure your Google Plus account from being hacked are given.

How to use Google Plus in Effective Way

Google has launched its Social Networking platform in the world wide web as one of the competitor for Facebook. So here is an article for you to know much about Google+ and how to work and use Google+ in Social Networking.

Google about to launch Third Party Commenting System to challenge Facebook

Google is fighting hard to bring its Social networking platform, Google+ as an equal competitor for Facebook. Now they are going to introduce the Third Part commenting system similar Facebook to stand against them in all corners. So read this article to know more about this Third Party Commenting System in Google+.

How to make your Google Plus account password unbreakable

Do you require a strong password or not? Today, software industry has reached its heights where there are many softwares which are designed to break the passwords by using brute force attack, dictionary attack etc. So lets see how to make our existing password more complex than it is with minor changes.

How to Replace Google Plus with Facebook

There is no doubt that both Google and Facebook are considered to be the web giants. But there are certain things that are making Google Plus more attractive to the visitors as compared to Facebook and a time will come when Google Plus will be preferred and it will break the monopoly of Facebook.

The magic button in Google "+1"

From the time Google has introduced the revolutionary Google+, it’s being welcomed and liked by most of the people. The amazing new innovative ideas, new applications and cool features of Google+ are really mind blowing. I have seen many innovative and nice features in Google+ from which I am going to discuss about the magic “+1” button. You must have marked and probably used a +1 button in the entire Google website. I am here discussing about its utility in Google+.

Can Google plus replace Facebook

In this article, I have discussed the tough competition between two web giants, Facebook and Google+ and the trends for Google+ to take over Facebook. What are the features which will attract visitors to Google+ from Facebook and what are those which will keep them away from it.

Google+ is creating wonders even in trial run

This article is written to introduce the latest feature of Google to the public with the authentication of the Google CEO. Google has been introducing many features every now and then, and still more to come. How it came into existence since 1996 and the development with features brief.

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