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Top 9 Strategy based games on Google plus

Read about the best Strategy based games available on Google plus. Know about the features and gameplay of these Google plus games which helped them to make to our top 9 list of Google plus Strategy based games

Top 10 Role playing games on Google Plus

Interested in role playing video games? Know about the best role playing games available on Google plus and read the reasons as to what makes these Google plus games to feature in our top role playing games list

Top 10 Best Games on Google Plus

Searching for the best games on Google plus? Stop your search here! Googleplustips brings you the list of top 10 games on Google plus along with the reasons mentioned in brief why we made this selection.

How to send private messages in Google+

Ability to send private messages is an essential feature in any social networking service. If you are looking for ways to send private messages to your buddies without making them visible to others, there is a way in Google Plus. In this article, I will explain how to send private messages in Google Plus.

How to protect Google Plus account from being hacked

Have you ever felt that your Google Plus account may be hacked and you may loose some sensitive data of you and your friends ? There are few simple steps by which you can add rather implement advanced security features to your Google Plus account. In this article the steps required to secure your Google Plus account from being hacked are given.

Google+ game: Thirst of Night review

Read the review of the Google plus game Thirst of Night. Read the pros and cons of this game and know what this game is all about. Read on to know the interesting features of this game and tips on how to proceed in this game. Read everything of Thirst of Night and enjoy this new Google+ game

How to use Google Plus in Effective Way

Google has launched its Social Networking platform in the world wide web as one of the competitor for Facebook. So here is an article for you to know much about Google+ and how to work and use Google+ in Social Networking.

How to clear Angry Bird level - II in Google plus

This article will show you the objectives of the Angry Bird level - II. Angry bird is one of the most famous games played in Google plus. Here rae simple tips which help you clear the second level with ease. If you have not played Angry birds, then also it is very easy to know how to play the game.

Google about to launch Third Party Commenting System to challenge Facebook

Google is fighting hard to bring its Social networking platform, Google+ as an equal competitor for Facebook. Now they are going to introduce the Third Part commenting system similar Facebook to stand against them in all corners. So read this article to know more about this Third Party Commenting System in Google+.

Starter's guide- How to get started at Google plus?

This article mentions the basic and easy steps you need to do after getting a Google plus account. Now it is going to be 2 weeks for me since I am there and I have been a playing a lot around with Google plus features so here are most of them to help you get started on this latest venture of Google into social networking

How to make your Google Plus account password unbreakable

Do you require a strong password or not? Today, software industry has reached its heights where there are many softwares which are designed to break the passwords by using brute force attack, dictionary attack etc. So lets see how to make our existing password more complex than it is with minor changes.

Google+ plus new look, feel and features- review

Read about the new features of Google+ Read what all changes and new features have been included in Google+ and if they are the good or the bad. Read what Google and other people have to say about the changes in look and feel on Google+

Google Plus and its features.

In this article, I am going to discuss about Google's latest release called Google Plus. Google Plus is an social networking site from Google. Today, Google released its trial version to some of the users. What is Google Plus, how it is different from the other social networking sites, how to use Google Plus is discussed in detail.

Google+ game: Mafia Wars 2 - Walkthrough

In this article I would give a quick tour and guidelines on the game Mafia Wars 2. By reading this article you will get to know about how to start the game, followed by various terminology and features in Mafia Wars 2 and finally some useful tips that may be useful while playing the game.

Google+ game: Zombinis review

Read the review of the game Zombinis on Google+ developed by East Side games and know the features of this game. Read on to know what this game has got in for you and how you can play and proceed in this game. Read the basics about Zombinis and get ready to play

Google+ game: TubeHero review

Read the review of the Google+ game TubeHero. Read the pros and cons on this game along with how this game is to play. Read all about how to play TubeHero, the features of Tubehero game on Google+ and what all you have got to do in this game.

Google+ game: Kingdom Age review

Read the review of the Google+ game Kingdom Age. Read this article to know what developer Funzio has to offer in this fun filled exciting game. Know the pros and cons of the game Kingdom Age and some tips to play Kingdom Age on Google+

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