Google+ Circles

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How to add friends in Google+ Circles

I have used many social networks like Twitter, Facebook but the Google+ in really unique. The way to add a friend in Google+ in really interesting. This is a completely new design of Google+ to add friends in different circles. I got really impressed by this and I am sharing my feelings about this category of Goole+ with you.

Now share your circle with anyone you want on Google +

In this article I will describe you how you can share your circles, with your friends, your circles or even to public. This feature of Google plus was very eagerly awaited by many of the Google plus users, so Google plus today released this new feature for all users.

Different ways of using Circles in Google Plus

In this article, I am going to discuss about how can we use circles in a creative way in Google Plus. We all know that Google Plus is the new social networking site from Google which has used by two million users just in two weeks span of time.

How to remove a person from a Google+ Circle

Google+ is a great service that allow you to connect and share with your friends. Google+ Circles allow you to group your friends into relevant categories. In this article, I will explain how to remove a person from a Google+ Circle

What is a Circle in Google Plus

In this article,I will discuss what is a Circle in Google+ and tips on how to make best use of Google Plus Circles feature.

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