Top 9 Strategy based games on Google plus

Read about the best Strategy based games available on Google plus. Know about the features and gameplay of these Google plus games which helped them to make to our top 9 list of Google plus Strategy based games

Google plus game: Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night 1
This is a great action packed game that you can enjoy at Google Plus social gaming platform. Thirst of Night is one among the top 9 strategy game on Google Plus launched exclusively for its users. Thirst of Night is developed and officially launched by Kabam who was the same source to release yet another famous and successful series The Godfather: Seven Families. Thirst of Night is a city building game with a different theme. This game is based on the vampire theme where the entire game is set in the year 2051. The game starts with a destroyed land which was destroyed due to a lunar flare and you need to rebuild it to develop a city where vampire rules and live in peace. This is a nice and easy city building game with good quality visual effect and a great gameplay.

Google plus game: Army Attack

Army Attack home
The next top game in this list is Army Attack. Army attack is a nice and thrilling action packed game which is absolutely apt to belong in this category. Google Plus has added Army Attack, which was a Facebook game, exclusively to entertain its users. This game is a military based strategy game where the main objective includes finding new land and conquering it and constantly defend it by fighting against your enemies. Army Attack features a colourful and neat cartoon style graphics. The game also features a strategy based combat where you have to complete your battle by keeping a constant look at your energy. This is a nice war themed game to enjoy in your free time. The gameplay of this game is charming and colorful. This is an apt game for you on Google Plus if you are searching for a real strategy game.

Google plus game: Zombinis

Zombinis 2
Zombinis is a pretty attractive game on Google Plus which was developed by East Side games to attract people of social gaming platform of Google Plus. Zombinis are creatures which are hybrid of zombies and teddy bears. This game seems to be variety and you are a trainer of a zombini. The main objective of this game is to build an army of zombies to fight against their enemies who are the Kroton army and complete each missions. This game has got a wonderful storyline, where the Kraton army destroyed your Z Land along with the king and now you have revenge to destroy Karton army and bring back your land under you. Zombinis also features training other zombinis which will help you gather more experience and will help in winning the battles. During the battle Zombinis will get hurt and before going forward to another fight you will have to repair the zominis who got hurt by replaying the missing parts. This is a highly addictive game where the game interference is very interactive and cute. It will be a nice game to hang around with if you love taking challenges.

Google plus game: Kingdom Age

Kingdom Age homepage
Kingdom Age is yet another game on Google Plus which has been launched exclusively for you people who love playing social games. This is another great strategy game filled with complete action. The game features an easy tutorial at start, where you can get help from your guide for the basic controls and objectives. Kingdom Age features a nice and easy gameplay where you are directly thrown to the fray to save a monk. The game also features a wonderful story line and the main concept of this game is a combination of two objective- mainly to fight and the other to build and maintenance of your empire filled with a great civilization. The overall features of this game are just amazing and highly recommended game for you to hit a try.

Google plus game: Glory of Rome

Declaration Glory of Rome
This is another city building game in this list which has become one in top nine strategy game. Unlike other city building games this game stand forward due to its difference in its concept. Even though the main objective of the game is to construct buildings to enrich your city, Glory of Rome is a game where you have to build your empire in Ancient Rome back from nothing. This great concept make this game unique and pretty challenging one compared to other similar games. In this game you are provided with tools to design and construct in your own way like in any other city building games do. This game will help you understand the history of Roman empire and give you a great managing skills. This will hit among users of Google Plus with high rating.

Google plus game: Pirates: Tides of Fortune

Homepage Pirates Tides of Fortune
This game is really launched to entertain you on Google Plus gaming section. Unlike all other boring games that you are bored with, Pirates is a new game developed by Plarium with a variety storyline. The theme of this game is pretty simple, where you have to experience a whole life of a pirate by playing the role of a growing pirate from start. This game has many features and high end graphics and the gameplay is completely out of your imagination. The game start with your training under a really experienced pirate and you have to go through the way he guide you to become a well experienced pirate like him. Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a great social strategy game to enjoy along with your friends and relatives. Each and every part of this game will give you some adventurous moment in your life.

Google plus game: City of Wonder

City of Wonder review
City of Wonder is another strategy game which is too a city building game. City of Wonder has been developed by Playdom on Google Plus social gaming platform to entertain you. This is an awesome city building game where you can manage your skills by developing your ability to bring new and variety imaginations in your city. This game has an inspiring concept where you have to build the civilization of all human start from primitives. This game is considered to be one among the most challenging game ever played in Google Plus. There is many similarities with the game 'civilization' and this City of Wonders, where both are designed on the same concept. Overall this game is a natural game that you will love to play at least once in your daily life.

Google plus game: Triple Town

Triple Town is yet another strategy based game developed by Spry Fox and published exclusively on google Plus gaming section. Triple Town is one of the most addictive and relaxing game as it is a puzzle themed game. The main goal of this game is to match three pieces of puzzles that are of same kind. The gameplay features an amazing fact of building greatest possible city through solving the puzzle correctly. Therefore this game is considered to be a combination of puzzle cum city building games. This concept is pretty amazing and every one with challenging though will try this game for sure.

Google plus game: Crime City

Crime City in Google plus
This is another action thrilling game launched on Google Plus. This is a great game which youths would definitely fall on for hours. Crime City is a wonderful game with nice graphics display and high visual capabilities. This is a similar game to that of Grand Theft Auto(GTA) which was a famous game for crime and illegal missions. The same concept is being used here, you can do what ever you wish and you will have a great access to weapons which can be used for killing your enemies, robbery and even to threaten people. The average graphics had made many of the players worry and really not much impressive. But it is smooth while playing without any lagging or shagging.

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