Google+ game: Army Attack review, how to play & walkthrough

Read the review and tips on how to play the Google plus game Army Attack. Know the pros and cons of the game and know what Army Attacks game on Google plus is all about and what our experience while playing the game was.

Pros and cons of Army Attack game
Pros: Colorful and neat cartoon style graphics, engaging strategy based combat
Cons: Energy finishes up too soon just when you start enjoying the game

Army Attack home

Army Attack game review

Army Attack, a native Facebook game is now on Google plus too like many other games. Army Attack is a military strategy game where you have to find new land, conquer it and then constantly defend it against an unlimited stream of enemy lines. Army Attack is basically a replica of the popular Nintendo game Advance Wars in the gameplay and graphics but because it is played in the static world of Google plus, it has an entirely different feel to it.

Army Attack story

Army Attack game theme is about defeating and recapturing land in a world that is embroiled in war and where much of the world is already captured by the evil Viceroy Vile. You need to capture each place one by one while defeating the enemy forces which includes the majors and forces of the Viceroy army. As you capture each land the story unfolds before you and in between when you capture a land you are greeted with messages from the both sides- the opposing army of Viceroy as well as the good guys on your side in the battlefield. But that's all there is to the story line ad no more, it all comes down to defeating the Viceroy army and recapturing the land.

Army Attack gameplay walkthrough

You proceed in Army Attack game by turn based tactical combat. In the start you have a small area visible to you on the map and the rest appears in fog. However, as you move your troop, one unit at a time, capturing newer areas and fighting battles with the enemy, newer areas will continue to appear on the screen giving a visual satisfaction to you that the game is progressing.

Hidden areas in Army Attack

You can attack the enemy once they are in range. You have several of units like the foot soldiers, tanks and mobile artillery. Attacking and movement both requires energy so you game depends more on your strategy on how you place your troops for accuracy with least movement. Each of the unit has their own life and they can take some attacks before they fall. When one of your units fall you have certain time to heal them otherwise they are gone for good. However, the enemy units go away at once but still, they will gather along the border of your areas soon enough.

Overall, Army Attack game is simply nothing else than turn based strategy fighting. There is no story line or depth to the game. However, it does not mean that the game is boring. Army Attack snugly fits the scene of Google plus gaming where you log in on the game, collect supplies, strategically place your troops, fight the enemies and expand your area until your energy finishes up.

Despite being a violent gameplay, the graphics of Army Attack game are bright and colorful with the looks looking highly inspired from the Star Wars. The character images specially have their look designed in a way that they in no means look out of the place from the Hollywood blockbuster. However, the field visuals are simple, stripped of any unnecessary addition which makes it easy to look at your troop formation and placement as well as identify units and buildings.


At the end I would like to say that the only problem I have with Army Attacks is that the energy fizzes out too soon, just when you are beginning to enjoy the game. The graphics are charming, colorful yet simple. The returning enemy keeps you visiting your homeground. Army Attack is one of the best military game presently on Google plus.

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