How to make your Google Plus account password unbreakable

Do you require a strong password or not? Today, software industry has reached its heights where there are many softwares which are designed to break the passwords by using brute force attack, dictionary attack etc. So lets see how to make our existing password more complex than it is with minor changes.

Why do I need a strong password?

First and foremost question your mind will suggest is whether it is important to you to have a strong password or its just not necessary. Well, it depends on you. If you want to keep the hackers away from your personal data, then you need a strong password which will be very difficult for the hackers and hacking software. If you don't bother if anyone breaks into your Google plus account and shares a porn link, then you need not to read this article any more. If it worries you, then read this article and protect your Google plus account from being hacked by any one else.

How a hacker can break the password without hacking software ?

Hackers try to break your password by guessing your password. Unbelievable! but it's absolutely true. If a hacker is told to break a password without any password breaking software, he will use your basic details to guess your password. You might have kept your password after your mother's or father's name or it may be your date of birth. These details are not hard to find out in social networking sites.

How does a software tries to break password?

A software uses fixed techniques to break the password. Most famous ones are using dictionary attack and brute force attack. In dictionary attack, as its name suggests, software checks up with all of the words those are available in a dictionary. So if you have set your password as a simple or complex word which is available in a dictionary, it is breakable with much ease. Brute force tries all combinations of alphabets, digits, and special characters. So I am not saying that your password will be unbreakable, but if you set a strong password, it will take weeks to break it and no hacker would like to hang on that long.

Should I change my password

Yes if you think that your current password is easy to break, then you definitely need to change your password.

Wait! transform your current password into a strong password

Yes that's true. You can transform your current weak password into a strong and unbreakable password by following the below tips.

Use special characters where you can

Appears absurd. But you can really set special characters in place of normal characters. Here are some characters to replace with.
  • a -> @
  • c -> ( - Opening paranthesis
  • i -> !
  • o -> 0 - Zero
  • s -> $
  • v -> ^

Alter your alphabet's casing

Another technique to make the Google plus account password is achieved by keeping the alphabets in lower as well as upper case. If you are afraid of forgetting your password, then you can simply keep first and last alphabets in upper case and remaining in lower case.

Adding digits to the password

If you add few digits in password, it will become more secure and strong.

You can check this with the password strength meters that come and assess by yourself.

Know how to secure your Google Plus account with 2-step verification code

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