How to protect Google Plus account from being hacked

Have you ever felt that your Google Plus account may be hacked and you may loose some sensitive data of you and your friends ? There are few simple steps by which you can add rather implement advanced security features to your Google Plus account. In this article the steps required to secure your Google Plus account from being hacked are given.

First of all what hacking is ?

Hacking is the process of intruding or accessing personal information or personal data without knowledge of the person. It is a kind of stealing your data from your compute or e - mail account or social networking site account. Hacking may involve some changes in your website or some spam mails sent using your personal or official e mail id. Hence, hacking is basically stealing the data or personal information.

Why should I be afraid of it ?

This question seems to be relevant here. You might be wondering by stealing some data, how a hacker can harm you. Don't take this matter so lightly. What if you are making some online transaction and a hacker steals your online banking details and use them to purchase. You will know this scandal only when you inspect your bill. What if someone hacks your Google Plus account and post some porn links? So we need to protect our Google Plus account from being hacked.

How can we protect our Google Plus account more secure

Google plus do have two step verification security feature, which is not enabled by default. Here are steps to enable two step security feature of Google plus account and protecting your Google plus account from being hacked.

Step-I : Login to Google Plus and click on your profile photo

Google plus home page
Click on your profile photograph as shown in the above image after looging into your Google plus account.

Step-II : Click on "Account" link

Account option of GP
Second step is to click on "Account" link as shown in the above screenshot. It will take you to your Google plus account settings.

Step-III : Click on "Edit" link

2-step verification setting
Click on "Edit" link as shown in the image. This step will edit the 2-step verification security settings.

Step-IV : Click on "Start Setup"

proceeding with 2 step verification code
Now click on "Start Setup" to start 2-step verification activation process.

Step-V : Check out your mobile number and click on "Verify" button

Mobile verification
Check whether the number shown here is your latest mobile number or not. If it is not you can change it here. After entering your correct mobile number, you can select either "Send SMS code" or "Voice call". Send SMS code option if selected, will send the code to your mobile through SMS. Where as, Voice call option will tell you the verification code through a voice call. Now click on "Send Code" button. Now you will receive SMS or phone call in which verification code will be delivered to you.

Step-VI : Enter verification code

Veryfying the code
Enter verification code received by you on your mobile. And click on "Verify".After Google verifies the code, click on "Next" to continue.
Code verified

Step-VII : Trust or not trust computer

Trust this computer
You can check "Trust this computer" if you trust your current computer, i.e., if your computer is a personal one then check this option. If you are using your friend's or cafe's computer, uncheck this option and click on "Next".

Click on "Turn on 2-step verification code"

Turn on 2-step verification code
Now click on "Turn on 2-step verification code" to complete implementation of setting up 2-step verification code.

Congratulations, you have successfully implemented 2-step verification feature

You need to re login to your Google plus account. After successful login, a confirmation page of 2-step verification code will be displayed to you.
2-step verification code implementation confirmation

From now onwards, you can set up password for various third party applications.

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