Google+ game: Mafia Wars 2 - Walkthrough

In this article I would give a quick tour and guidelines on the game Mafia Wars 2. By reading this article you will get to know about how to start the game, followed by various terminology and features in Mafia Wars 2 and finally some useful tips that may be useful while playing the game.

Mafia Wars 2 is one of the best games of Google+ and is product of Zynga. One will definitely enjoy playing this game and in this article I am going to give you a quick tour of Mafia Wars 2 game.

Mafia Wars2

How to start Mafia Wars 2 in Googleplus?

Firstly you need to sign into your Google+ account and then click on games icon at the top of the page and search for Mafia Wars 2 in the pool of games available at Google+.

Objective of Mafia Wars 2:

The main objective of Mafia Wars 2 is to expand your area and to become a boss of your territory. In the process of expanding the area you need to fight with many monsters and need to keep a track of your property. We even need to build some houses and casinos on timely basis to fetch us some good revenue in the form of cash and gold which in return can be used to purchase things like weapons, area expansion energy stations and many more. At the end you need to be the boss by defeating everyone and you will also get guidance from Tony in the form of clues.

Step by step process to proceed in Mafia Wars 2:

Mafia Wars2

Once you get into the area which looks pretty similar to the above picture, you need to start building Casino's and houses and start earning money from them. Your initial aim should be to increase your level of rank and try to unlock all possible inventories available in Mafia Wars 2.

Mafia Wars2

The above picture deficits about the basic terminology of various things present in Mafia Wars 2. Initially we need to know about the money and gold as this can be used to purchase various things in the game like Casinos, army, workers, buildings and many more. The very first field indicates your level followed by energy level and it's better to establish one energy station in your territory so that you can automatically refill your energy level.

Now coming to right hand side the fields over there indicate the amount of money and gold coins that you have.

Mafia Wars2

Tips to increase your earnings: I would recommend you to build a Casino first and generate some quick bucks and also try to level up at the same time. Now start building different kinds of buildings and also buy some workers who can perform street dances and may other features that are available in Mafia Wars 2 and you can generate revenue from them. If you have multiple workers then you can make some workers passive and use them only when required. This way the active workers who work for long time will fetch you amount in a slow manner whereas passive workers can be used to make some quick bucks at essential time.

Mafia Wars2
Where to buy stock?
At the bottom right of the page you will find icons similar to the one I have showed on my left. Each one has its own importance. Starting from the bottom we will discuss each thing in detail.

The very first one from bottom is the Inventory and it displays about all the things that we purchased like weapons, crew, armor, our stats like ranking, number of defeats and all other stuff related to Mafia Wars 2.

Moving in clockwise direction the next one in the list is Market Place and this is the place where we purchase our weapons, armors, buildings, decoration items special offers machinery and many more things using money and gold bars.

The next one in the list Workers, this is the place where we hire some workers and place them at various places of our turf in order to fetch some revenue for us. We can assign different work to different workers and collect money from them on timely basis which will be useful for us to expand our turf.

The next one is the Fight area, and by clicking on it we will enter into the interior parts of our turf and we can fight against monsters and win battles against them. The ultimate aim is that you should be the boss of the entire turf. Be cautious while attacking your enemies. You should always use the right armor and right weapons to attack them. As you keep on increasing the level you also need to upgrade your armor and weapons.

The next one in the list is Tools, when we click on tools a pop up will come out showing various options. Tools are used to renovate or move our constructed buildings.

The center one is the Map, by clicking on the map we can move in the interior parts of our turf like casinos and is mainly used to explore our enemies and defeat them.

The game is more of a click on move type and we will get all the directions and clues from Tony who is our guide and we just need to follow his directions. The following picture deficits about the various things that we just discussed.

Mafia Wars2

Quick guidelines while playing Mafia Wars 2:

Now that we have seen all the terminology and various features available in Mafia Wars 2, it should be quite simple for anyone to play this game. However I am giving some important tips for playing Mafia Wars 2.
• Firstly you need to follow the directions given by Tony in the form of clues and just click on the arrows on which it is shown and follow as directed.
• First build a casino which will fetch you some quick money in no time.
• Then start expanding your area and build the buildings effectively.
• Try to hire some workers who can fetch you some money in return. Use the workers wisely, if you have 3 or 4 workers then place them at various places of your turf and make sure you at-least have one worker who's working on short term basis so that you can get some quick money when required in emergency instead of waiting for long hours.
• Try to build a bank to save your money and stock from your enemies.
• When fighting against your enemies use your best weapons and armor.
• Don't waste gold bars for upgrades as we can't get gold bars very easily and it may take lot of time for us to regain our gold bars.
• Try to build an energy station in your turf so that it will be easy for us to refill our stock when we are out of energy.

Now that you have gone through this quick tutorial, I think you may easily play this game with more fun and I hope you will enjoy playing Mafia Wars 2.


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