Google+ game: Thirst of Night review

Read the review of the Google plus game Thirst of Night. Read the pros and cons of this game and know what this game is all about. Read on to know the interesting features of this game and tips on how to proceed in this game. Read everything of Thirst of Night and enjoy this new Google+ game

After the huge success of their previous series The Godfather: Seven families and other Kabam games on Google plus, Kabam have launched yet another city building game on Google plus by the name: Thirst of Night. The name reveals the gameplay theme of Vampires.
Thirst of Night 1
In the start of the game as usual you will be asked for permission to access your personal details by the game. After that the game loads giving a brief description about game revealing the theme of city building. The storyline of the game Thirst of Night is set in the year 2051 when a lunar flare ravaged the earth and destroyed the landscape and threw the earth in darkness. Now, the vampires are free from their "redblood" oppressors and have turned on each other. The only thing that matters now is the blood purity. You now have to remodel the city to develop a world where vampires rule supreme and live in peace.
Generals inThirst of Night
First of all you have to choose a General for yourself who will guide you through the complete game, explaining you the basics and telling you about the quests. I got no option to select between male or female generals on Google+ but some of my friends on Facebook told me that they had the option. Anyhow, all the Generals have their own qualities, like some are masters in hiding while others are ruthless and hungry for fights. However, in the start all the Generals have the same role and it really doesn't matter in the start whom you select.
Chat box in Thirst of Night
You have a 7 days safe period during which no one can attack you and vice versa. You need to utilize this time to bolster your defense and offense. Utilize this time to form alliances using the "World" chat you see in the image. These alliances will help you with your needs of resources, weapons and protection. As with all other Kabam games, going alone will not get you much farther in the game.

How to play Thirst of Night

Your General will guide you through each and every step to help you build your empire. The quests given by the General are for constructing buildings, constructing resource producing structures, training troops and a lot more of activities. As you go on completing quests you will receive items in your inventory and resources. These items can be used to speed up the production by the Resource structures for a limited time period and to improve the offense capability of your troops to attack other cities. The more number of houses you built and more upgrades you do to the houses, more the population will come in your empire. The General will give you a basic tutorial in the start which will help you understand where you need to focus to make your empire powerful. Platinum has taken over the currency system. You tax the population living in your empire with platinum and like other Kabam city building games, the more you tax them, more they will lose their interest in living in your city and might even leave your city if you tax them too much. The morale of the vampires can be raised by building night clubs in the city. You also need to build Blood labs which will create blood to feed your population and the army. For construction work you need to create resource structures in the start itself for Steelworks and concrete factories. Each of the resource is important for city building and to upgrade and consequently level up your buildings.

A lot of patience required to play this game unless you want to spend real cash

The buildings take a lot of resources to upgrade, researches take a lot of time and training the troops is also not a fast task. All of these combined make it a very slow game to play.
Though there is a side game in Thirst of Night by the name Lilith's Luck where you have to match cards to gain items for your inventory but these free rounds soon come to end and you will have to pay in order to play more rounds. As the levels increase the wait time increases and unless you are ready to spend some real premium in the game you might like to find something else to entertain you. The good thing is that while you will be away your resources you replenish by themselves.

Get on the offensive

Your objective is to expand your empire and for this you need troops. To increase your troops you need to create barracks in the city after collecting the required resources. Depending on the number of your troops and their types, training them can take anywhere around 53 seconds to a few hours. To train certain type of troops you need to attain certain level and should have researched from the Research Center. When you will attack your rivals you will collect items from them needed to create your own gargoyle which is used to protect your own city. Before the 7 day period you can attack the NPC gangs in the hilly areas of the city. These NPCs are random humans. After your safe period is over you are free to attack your neighbors and be attacked.

Nice interface and graphics

Honestly, I had not expected such cool graphics but on starting the game I found the navigation too easy and the shortcut icons at the bottom of the screen make the navigation very fast and smooth. Vampire feel is evident in the game by sprinkles of the theme spear throughout the city.

The audio effects are steely and though they match the theme, it could have been a bit more bloody and interesting to hear.

Wrap up

Perfect game for those looking for time breakers in their busy schedule. Make a short visit and do the few tasks and go out while your resources recharge. With a strong social effect in the game using the ever present world and alliances chat, this PvP game is thoroughly enjoyable. Though the game is not someone addicted to such games but many will find this polished game fun to spend their time on.

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Guest Author: sheenaese16 Aug 2012

kabam is full of cheaters, all there games are, they rip you off, i would tell you to find another game to play, do not give them your money, and dont play there games

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