Google+ game: Bubble Witch Saga review

This article reviews the action-packed game Bubble Witch Saga which can be played free on the Google+ and a few other websites. You need to register on Google+ website and play the game without any hassles. Playing for cash is allowed only in countries/states whose laws permit it. Brief about the creator of game is given. Further it goes to describe how Bubble Witch Saga is played. In the end a few tips and strategy to play the game is given. Create your own Avatar to play the game.

Bubble Witch Saga

About that created Bubble Witch Saga and other games

• The company is in fact a king as far as creation of games is concerned. Bubble Witch Saga is a brand new game from which has already created ripples in the games world, especially on Google+. The company offers hundreds of games for the game enthusiasts to play on the net. Not even a month passes when some or the other game is not added to the basket of games already created by it. Gamers always look for the new games from the game makers and the able team of the always rises to occasion and is ever ready to fulfil the aspirations of its game lovers. At there are great games to play and compete for prizes just for fun. The games require skill and strategy from the players to reach the high scores to win.

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• You can even indulge in playing cash games with as little a risk as €0.25 and who know you can hit a big jackpot. However, you must be 18 years or above to do this. In addition, the laws of the state or the country in which you live must permit you to play cash games. Otherwise always feel happy to play free social games and enter the tournaments to compete with others of your ability and skill. One will never get tired of playing games on this largest portal of the gaming world whose mission it to give the gamers the best and the most of the enjoyable games since 2003. Over 15 million players pit against each other either for cash or just for fun or just to test their skills. The website has a high quality customer support. Over hundred employees of the company working in its offices in London, Stockholm, Hamburg and Los Angeles keep on passionately bringing out new online games. has about one hundred partners. The great names among them are MSN, Yahoo, Zylom and

How to play Bubble Witch Saga

Bubble Witch Saga is one of the three brand new games presently featured at Google+. The other two new games featuring at Google+ are Pirates Tides of Fortune and Township. Let us learn about some basic steps to play the online free game Bubble Witch Saga:

Registration at the website where you want to play the game

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to complete your registration at the website where you want to play Bubble Witch Saga. You have to create a user id and password and give your email id to register at the website which facilitates the playing of the game. You can play it with your Google+ Login id or Facebook login id. If you don't have, create one and start enjoying the harrowing experience straightway.

Start shooting with the click of your mouse.

See the colour of the bubble that is taken out of the cauldron by the witch; match it with at least two more above to make it three of the same colour to burst. Just aim with your mouse pointer at the bubbles above and keep bursting them. Every bust of bubbles will add a new spider increasing your score. But mind it! If you are able to burst bubbles, two of your spiders will be removed making you to lose points. If the falling bubbles bounce on spiders, the score will push up.

Know about your spiders

You should know about the spiders. They are of three types. The maximum limit of the spiders of all kinds that you can have is 10. Firstly the 'normal' spiders are of greyish blue, the second type are the 'double' spiders of yellow colour that will double your score once bubbles bounce on them. You can generate double spiders by bursting bubbles with 3 shots in a row. In case you get all the 10 spiders which is the maximum limit of the spiders you can have, and then your every third bursting shot will upgrade your normal spider, if any, to a double spider. The third types of spiders are green. These split the bubbles falling on them into two different bubbles. Split spiders get created when there are 5 bursting shots in a row. Suppose you have created 10 spiders which is the maximum limit and you have some normal spiders among them, you can change the normal spiders into split spiders by shooting 5 bursting shots in a row.

A tip to reach the next level more quickly.

It is obvious that unless you burst all the bubbles, you cannot reach the next level. However, there is mechanism in the game to make it quicker. Suppose, you clear 9 of the 17 bubbles in the first row, you will be surprised to see a lightening bolt spell cast by the witches. This will result in removing the entire top row making your job quite easy and fast. Consequently, all other bubbles on the screen will fall and what a way to collect a very high number of points!

Some keyboard and mouse controls you must know to handle the game

You must be very quick to aim and shoot with the click of your mouse to burst the right coloured bubbled. In case you need to switch between the current bubble and the one in the cauldron, you must immediately make use of the space bar of your keyboard. For premature retirement from the game, remember to press the 'End Game' button in the bottom left of the screen. If you wish, you may also toggle the sound and music On or Off button.

What about your scores in the game

Once you play a game, it is quite pertinent to know how you score. So here is the relevant information for you to know and remember:

  • Bursting a bubble – 10 points.

  • Shooting several bursting shots in a row will increase the score by 5 points per shot. For example, if you shoot 4 bursting shots in a row, normally your score will be 10x4= 40 points. Now if you burst 3 bubbles with the fifth shot, your score will 15x5=75.

  • Falling bubbles with 1 bounce – 25 points.

  • Falling bubbles with 2 bounces – 50 points.

  • Falling bubbles with 3 bounces – 100 points.

  • Falling bubbles with 4+ bounces – 100 points per bounce.

  • For example, in case a falling bubble bounces 5 times, the score will be (25 + 50 + 100 + 100 + 100) = 375 points.
  • If the spider on which the bubble bounces is a double spider, the score for this spider will be doubled.

  • Every falling bubble will also fall into one of the cauldrons, adding the 100, 500 or 1000 points on top of the bounce score.

  • Score will be added at a faster rate when a lot of bubbles fall down at once.

Strategy and tips for improving the score.

• You aim should be to make more bursting shots as far as possible. Try to reach the top row as quickly as possible before the time is up. Remember that falling bubbles are more valuable than the bursting bubbles.

• Try to collect as many spiders you can before you make a big fall of bubbles on them. This will ensure you more points from the bouncing bubbles. Keep the scoring table given above in mind while applying your strategy.

• Make your strategy in a way that you have several different colours to burst. Use the keyboard and mouse controls effectively to let this happen.

• Make it a point that you have a spider to for the falling bubbles to bounce to get more points. The more points you get, the more will be your stars. Remember, you must have at least one star to move on to the next level.

• As you proceed to the higher and difficult levels, you have to plan your strategies taking advice of the experts in the game. But most of all it will by your own skill and strategy that will take you to the top among the winners.

Create your own Avatar to play Bubble Witch Saga

The most interesting feature of Bubble Witch Saga on Google+ is that you can create your Avatar by the preset defaults which can them be randomize if you so deserve. There are 13 types heads, 12 types of mouths, 14 masks, 44 hats, 16 glasses and 11 extras which includes jewellery like earrings etc. to chose from. In addition, you have display of skin colours, make up, hair and eye which are displayed in the form of palettes to select from. The display can be moved forward and backward by pressing or clicking the greater than (>) and smaller than (<) symbols.

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