Google+ game: Backyard Monsters review

This article deals with the action-packed game Backyard Monsters which can be played free on the Google plus. Have an account on the Google plus and start plying it free. The players devise their own strategies to play a game, yet it is better to learn from the experience of the seasoned players of the game. This article gives a few tips and tricks to play Backyard Monsters. Kixeye, the company that developed Backyard Monsters has left no stone unturned to make it interesting which will keep you absorbed.

Backyard Monsters

Kixeye, the gaming company behind developing Backyard Monsters.

Everyone of us, young or old, like to play computer games. There is no denying the fact that all of us would like to play a mind-boggling and interesting game. Kixeye, the game developing company that developed Backyard Monsters and other games have taken into consideration what the intelligent prospective game players of today need. Backyard Monsters take you out from those boring repetitive mouse clicks and make you to enter into the world of action packed thrills for you to enjoy. Kixeye's imaginative team of game developers has brought out Black Monsters to test your creative skills and competitive yearn to reach the highest score. The company statement that its games are "easy to play, but harder to master" is proved to the core when you play Backyard Monsters.

About the Backyard Monsters game.

If you are interested to play Backyard Monsters game free, you need only to have a Google Plus account. You have to simply click on the tab below the image of the game to play it on the Google Plus. The simple mouse click will open the game in your Google Plus account page for you to play. This is one of the most interesting action packed games presently available free to play on the Google Plus social networking website. As the company says, it is simple to play but harder to master, it will take some time to master it and know its complexities and intricacies. You have to use an imaginative and perfect strategy to be one of the top scorers in the competition and challenge posed to you. But if you have the guts, courage, strategy and quickness of mind, you certainly can be the winner.

Tips and tricks to master the Backyard Monsters.

Let us now discuss a few tips and trick to learn to play Backyard Monsters, one of the coolest and complex games available free to be played on the Google Plus.

Make a good start.

  • Please be a regular visitor to play the game and learn the basics. Logging in twice a day will give you the required practice.

  • You need to protect and also upgrade the resource gatherers quite fast. You must at least first build 2-3 silos. (The ordinary meaning of silo is an airtight pit or a tower to preserve green fodder. It may also refer to an underground facility to control, store and launch a long range ballistic missile)

  • Once you are out of protection, you must keep upgrading towers. This is very important to defend against other players.

  • There is a general tendency among players to collect the quest rewards. Collect them only if you are really in need of the resources. Of course, these rewards can be highly helpful later if you have the ability and capacity to save them.

  • The collection of resources is very important. You should not waste time to bank them safely.

  • Ensure that you make the best use of environment, i.e. the mushrooms when you are very near loosing the protection. Use all your skill and tactics to place the building around them. The idea is to not let your enemy monsters to take over your buildings easily.

  • You should always keep in mind the level and understanding of the game. If you are a beginner, it is better to use Octo-ooze and Pokeys to attack. They are quite cheap and easy to produce but they are capable of causing enough damage to the enemy monsters. Finks may be useless for the beginners and it is better to avoid them in early stages of your play. Eye-ras also will be of no use if there are no walls.

  • Walls are very important for the protection of your base, so don't forget to utilize all of them.

Get your resources faster.

  • You get your resources faster only by attacking the players. As told above, when you are a beginner, first try to attack in waves with Octo-ooze and Pokey Monsters. Use them to destroy the towers and resource silos. Keep a watch if the other player has put the silos and resources in the middle. In this case, use Bolts with Octo-ooze to destroy them faster.

  • In order to get a great number of resources fast, make use of waves of Ichi and Brain whenever you find an opportunity to do so. Also build a huge army of Crabtron to attack other players. You will wonder to see your resources increasing enormously using this strategy. Never forget to update your resources.

Base building in Backyard Monsters game

Have you struggled to make a strong base in Backward Monsters. Surely, this is a very severe and testing problem faced by many players. One has to learn how to place the buildings in the correct way. If this is done, your resources will be safer. Of course, we cannot lay down any fundamental strategies and guidelines to achieve this, but the players can work out a few trial and error methods to work well against their attackers. Try this if you can:
  • Make high level buildings for the resource gatherers. Make two buildings for the goo, if you have the ability.

  • Make one silo, two monster hatcheries and two monster housings. Place them in the middle for protection. Use other buildings to distract the attackers. Make these other buildings like the town hall. The attackers will first try to attack these buildings along with the wall and defence towers which surround the protected buildings.

  • This strategy will work nice since the attacker will try to attack the outside building first. This way you will not loose many resources since you have placed them in the middle.

  • Make sure that your base is as close to a square as possible.


Backyard Monsters is a cool Google Plus game people like to play these days. You must leave your comments and tips that you have used to play the game for the others to learn from your experience. Always share your articles with as many friends and relations you can. Invite your friends on the Google Plus to play Backyard Masters for free. Tell your friends that it is easy to play but it needs their wisdom and effort to score the maximum. Enjoy playing Backyard Monsters and have fun and share it with others. Joy is in the giving and sharing.

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