Google+ game: Slotomania review

Google+ has another game added to its Gaming Platform and that is Slotomania, the slot machine. This is casino based gambling game from Playtika. Here in this article I would have briefed out all the details which are you need to know about this game as a player. So read it and start playing or gambling online.

Slotomania is a game about slot machine with gambling which is developed by Playtika. Playtika is game development company which was founded in the year 2010. This gaming company is more dedicated in developing and marketing casino based social games. Playtika, later reported that it has been acquired by Harrah's, a casino brand in the Caesars Entertainment Corporation on May 2011. Playtika has developed only two games as off now. They are Slotomania and Farkle Pro where both are based on Casio type games. These games are being initialized on all social websites for its members to play. And now Google+ has also opened its Gaming Platform, where Slotomania is available.
Slotomania- the Slot Machine
Support system for this game is more useful and user-friendly when compared to other games. The unique feature of this game is that, inside the game panel, you will find a link in the bottom which will directly leads to the Playtika Support System. Here the players can create an account associating their Google+ account information. You will find and create a personal homepage for your help and support.

Game Plan of Slotomania:

In Slotomania players starts to play the game initially with 200 coins. They first get a access to Farm Fortune in the slot machine which features some large, colorful cartoons farming icons such as chickens, barns and pigs. This is usually done on a three by five grid where the rest area are with a set of numbers both on the left and right side of the board which form lines from one side to the other. You can choose directly how much virtual currency you need to bet on a spin and also across how many lines your opposite players wants to hope for a match.
You are allowed to place bets within a specific slot machine where you can gain experience points. Also when you reach a new level, you can find more games inside it. For example, you can find Bubble Rumble at level two by increasing your points to 250. All this happens as I said above on to unlock a new slot machine with a different themes. The number of lines within the slot machine also increases as game level also increases which allows you to make larger bets and earn more prize money.

Slotomania also provides coins bonus for each members at every level completion. This actually keeps them engaged in playing without making them to feel bore. It also allows you to send friends either free spins or coins.

Playability in Slotomania:

Playability of Slotomania is not much highly to be spoken well. To say frankly, this is an awkward game where the playability will be like playing in a slots machine. Also the easiest part of this game is that, you have o press the spin button and this is up to your luck as the spin button spins or not in the slot machine. But one thing I can say that, all player will get audacious as by increasing the lines which will give them some prize. To play the slot machine for yourself for selecting the lines, you can use the numbered buttons which are on the either side of the slot machine. You can also press the Max lines button, if you are lucky enough then Slotomania will play automatically for you in selecting the lines betting and also in rolling.
Slotomania in Google+

Applauds in Slotomania:

Slotomania in Google+ has some good graphic and sound track. When you win a match in Slotomania, then it will show you the winning line. It also shows you the slot figure on how it connects to achieve it. When combinations of lines are figured out, then you will able to uncover the hidden gams which are inside Slotomania. The nicest touch of this game in Google+ is that, you can start to unlock other slot machines using different themes. This is will make you to have interest in rolling on those lines which are attractive. Other than that there is nothing to talk much or praise this game.
Slotomania game

Score of Slotomania:

Slotomania in Google+ seems to be flawless as the slot machines games starts to go. This game is multi-language where any players around the world can play this irrespective of English known people. Hence, it can be very user-friendly game for player in Google Plus Social Network. Finally, on scoring this Slotomania game in Google+, I would give a score of 10 out of 10.
Slotomania is intended for use for those 21 or older people for amusement purposes only.

How to manually load Slotomania:

Many people are having doubts on how to load Slotomania in Google+. So I would also like to give you some steps to load Slotomania in Google+. So load your Slotomania in Google+ and start playing. It is much better to play it with G+ because you can send free gifts and scroll with many features when compared with other Gaming Platforms.

Steps to load Slotomania:

  • Load Slotomania, and when you get to the loading screen, hit the command.
    For Windows: Control – Shift – J
    For Mac: Command – Option – J

  • This will open tools. Look for the words Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL, that is the line we need.

  • After from frame with URL there is a another big website which opens.

  • Copy that entire website and load it in a new tab. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get it to work, but it will allow you to play.

This is the direct connection to Slotomania game. Now here you will not allow you to scroll by spinning or by hitting Space Bar. You also cannot send gifts. But I told you this because, once if you do these steps, you will find that the game in Google+ will start to load soon. So you also try this out to make your Slotomania to load faster in Google+.

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