Google+ game: Flood it review

This is an review about the Google + game, Flood-It. This is an highly addictive game for player. This is simple game with less graphics. In this article you will know more details and game concept of Flood-It. I have also given some steps on how to pay this game in Google+/

Google Plus Game: Flood It

Flood-It in Google+
Flood-It is another game added to Google+. This is an addictive game which is also said to be mindless game as it sucks more hours to finish. The concept of this Flood-It game is to flood the entire game board with one color. The player can choose color among the six colors which are provided in the game board.
Flood-It, game is said to be incredibly addictive for the players. This is a game where you will get addicted more easily than any other game in Google + Games. The Flood-It! game describes itself to be more incredibly addictive when compared to other games. The sad news about this game is, we cannot concur fully in this whole game. This game is found by Google Inc. itself. Hope you should know that Google runs its own gaming company called LabPixies. Also to talk about this Flood-It game I would say that this game is rather too simplistic which is lacking of graphics and visual effects. This Flood-It game usually reminded you of an early 8-bit computer games like Atari games. LabPixies did not try to develop and expand this game further. It didn't even try to embellish this game with even a bit either the change in the game board or even invent a decent flooding effect in the game. So finally anything added to the gam to increase the bit of the game will brings closer to 90's where on just over all I would say Flood-It is very lack in graphic finesse.
Flood It Game

Concept of the Game:

On talking about the concept of the game, it is very simple and easy to play in Google+. Each player will be presented with a game board with square tiles in 6 different colors in randomly ordered way. The player can start the game by changing the color of the title which is on the first right upper side of the game board. Also if the player finds any tiles with same color around it then you can change that color tile also. The same color of the tile which you change first will add up to the rest of the remaining tile. And now finally the player can command the color change which happens in all the tiles with same color which are adjacent to it. The player can implement this concept on third, fourth, etc. until his round reaches 25th time. In each time when the player precedes his step, they will gain adjacent tile again which they could have already converted by switching colors in the game board.
Flood It Game screen
Randomness is only things which the game is driven about. The different colors tiling are placed first randomly on the game board. Also by a player analyze, they cannot reach to the end of the game. It is sure that the player game board will be flooded with single color at the end.

In short to say about this game plan, the players should begin the game from the upper left block of the game board. And also the players target is to paint the whole area in the game board to same color in just 25 moves over the board. Actually it's a little different style game but it's funny.

Verdict of Flood-It!

As an overall review, I would just give Flood-IT! a score of 4 only out of 10. The main reason for this low score is due to the graphic effects. Being a player, we can applaud the Flood-It game for its multi-language behavior. As far as now in Google + Games, this is the only game which will be shown in your native language which ever you choose like English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. So with this reason, I would say that Flood-It! game will be addictive for players. Flood-It! concept is not much exploited yet in Google+ for its members because of its boring factor.

How to play Flood-It in Google+:

  • Flood the whole board with one color in less than the allowed steps.

  • You start from the top left corner, and progress by selecting one of the colored balls at the bottom.

  • When you change your current area color, every adjacent square with the same color also changes, that way you can flood other areas on the board.

  • Select from 3 sizes of the board, and play in different color schemes.

  • Try to flood-it in the least amount of steps.


Each player has to analyze among which color you can choose as evidence from the surrounding colors. You may think it to be easy but really only to see and understand its easy, if you start playing then you will finally feel difficult to complete. As said above, this game needs some advance planning before each step you take on. Each player has only 25 moves and you need to complete it within it. Finally to say, the whole screen should be flooded with same color tile. Flood-It of Google+ is just an addictive game.

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