How to increase Google Plus One

Bloggers, here is an article which will help you to understand the importance of Google Plus One. I have also stated some simple steps to be followed to increase your Plus One which will help your article to rank in the top in the search engine results.

Google + is a social networking website from Google Inc., just like other social networking sites with some and attractive and added features for its users. This Google+ social network is stated to be the fastest growing social networks in terms of the number of new members who are joining daily. It is one of the biggest social media networks around the world.
Google Plus One
Google +1, Google plus one is one of the feature on this Google+ projects. This Google plus one is a button which can be added to your websites and blog. This can be added to each of your article also just like the 'like' button in Facebook. Mainly, adding this Google plus one button will help your articles and blog to rank and come top in the search engine results. AS you know Google+ is the next big social networking sites, which large number of users. Also some analysts say that Google+ will end up bigger than Facebook in the forth coming days. So, from this you should understand that in this social network, you should get more people in your Google plus circles. On getting more people into Google plus circles, you will get more friends. So, here by in this article I would have discussed the tricks and tips on Google plus which will help you to increase Google plus one.

Exactly, this question of How to get more Clicks on your Google Plus One Button is one of the biggest '+1 question' which is yet to be find by the net researchers

The Google+1 will influence Google Search Results in two major ways.

1. If you make a search whilst signed in to a Google Account, any 1′s from your connection will be shown "Shathyan +1′d this" etc. Social Proof.

2. Google has clearly stated that it will indicate the articles with the use the +1 button data in the ranking signal strategy, which means that more number of +1′s for your article will boost up your rankings.
Google Plus Ranking
Well, I have discussed some basic tips to improve your Google+ profile page.

Create and manage Google plus Circles:

First step is to create a Google plus Circles. Because by creating a Google plus circles, you can easily manage the people with you connect, by sorting them into different groups like friends, family, coworkers and acquaintances. So on categorizing your friends list, you can just choose which circles of people need to see your updates and which not. If it about a boozing with your friends, then guess what will if your family circles knows. So only by this, you can make your updates visible to each group of people separately.

Don't make a Google plus profile for yourself

Be social. Yes, this is social networking website, so you can also make your profile to view and liked by all which is called Google+ business Page, which is similar to Facebook Like Page. So with the help of Google+ pages you can brand your business, blog, website or other organization. It takes a new dimension for your brand to be built up in this Buzz World.
Google Plus Page

Invite friends to join Google plus circles:

Google+, is still new, and many members are yet to join. So, you need to invite your friends and make them to join. You can add friends and get started with it. So only by adding friends you can go for it. You can also try contacting your friends who are with other social networking sites.

Do maximum sharing on Google plus:

Sharing is easier in Google+. So if you share good and quality contents in your profile then you will very well thrive in this social networking site. So share your things and just expand you share box with both drag and drop.

Be aware of people which Google+ says you may know:

Yes, there is feature where Google+ will suggest you some people. These people may be your friends from schools, colleges and work place who have the same data in their profile. Also some friends may be your friend's friends who may be mutual friends between you both. As, said these friends can be based on the circle friends list which you have. At sometimes these folks could legitimately be known to you or unknown but there would be some scams too.

Make others to involve in your Google + sharing:

Your entire Google+ share must be viewed by other members and friends. So make your folks to get involved in the conversation which is happening in your shared post. For this you can use the "@" sign just like with Twitter and Facebook where you can mention other users in that post.

Upload a high resolution photo:

Google+ supports only high resolution photos. Also if you are trying to upload some photos with some low resolution, then Google+ will not upload it or causing them to look grainy. So for your Avatar Picture in Google+ you must use only good resolution photo which has the best look of you.

Remember that Google plus is not Facebook:

Facebook is social networking site where you can chat and be in contact with friends with whom you know. But Google+ is not like that. Here you can contact with many and interact with al both the known people and also the unknown friends. So, I would say that if you stick to your old and same Facebook friends on Google+ then you might get pretty bored with the new site pretty fast and you are likely to miss all the new things of Google+.

Learn Google plus Shortcuts and Hotkeys:

You need to be different from others. So what can you do?? Yes, you can learn some short cuts which will be using Google+ like a pro, then in no time if you start using hotkeys and shortcuts. There are several shortcuts in Google+ like using the spacebar to scroll down the screen.

Make it mobile:

Go for m.Google+. Yes, like other social networks Google+ also has its mobile application available for its members to use on the go with mobile. By this mobile version, you can post content and keep up with your circles engaged. Having the app on your smartphone is also an excellent way for you to become even better acquainted with this new, hot social network.

How Do You Get More Google Plus One Button Clicks?
    Click Plus one
  • First you need to put in a call to action and email your list.

  • Secondly, you need to install the Plus 1 Button in all places on your blog or website where ever your visitors can find and click it to increase your Plus One.

  • Finally, you can also write an article about clicking the Plus One button in their article and how it would be useful for authors like what now I'm doing.

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