Google+ game: Collapse! Blast review

Collapse! Blast is a new game which gave its path into Google+, a Social Networking website of Google. This is an article written or all the player to understand about Collapse! Blast. Well here you will come to know how to play Collapse Blast in Google+ and some tips and tricks on how to earn high points in this game. So read this and make useful while you play this game in Google+.

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Collapse! Blast

Collapse! Blast is one the most favorite games for Google+ user. This game from the Google+ library was developed and marketed by Game House Inc. Collapse Blast is a game developed by combining puzzles and speed which is similar to Bejeweled Blitz but with better audio sound. Yes, as you guess this game is also a one minute session game. The player is usually asked to clear or make a clean sweep on the board by removing blocks from the screen. The blocks which are needed to eliminate from the screen is done as you click on a group of three or more blocks which are of the same color. This one minute long game will surely make you in short to complete and make you to give a try again. Each and every player is given four "lives" or plays sessions to play before they have to complete the game. This feature is for you whenever that is each time when you load the game. One of the most important feature in Collapse Blast is if a player uses all the four live which is given to him then he/she has wait for some where there is a countdown clock until the game gives you more. Also the players can ask their friends to donate lives for you to complete the game. This is also one of the features that make Google+ games more social. This game has all the familiarity of the original Collapse which is of older version but promises new twists and added features to the gameplay as it develops into a social game.

How to play Collapse! Blast in Google+:

Well if you have ever played any type of this Collapse! Game in different forms or version, then it would be easy for you to understand gameplay. Here I would have given some simple ways for the new comer to understand the gameplay. The rules are simple enough to make you understand and win in this game within 60 seconds. The rules are,

  • .You have rows of colored blocks rising from the bottom of the screen and you must click on matching sets of colored blocks of three or more to remove them from the screen.

  • The more blocks you remove in one click, the more points you earn.

  • The session comes to an end when you either run out of time or the blocks hit the top of the screen.

In Collapse! Blast game of Google+ every player has an added social element to the game. The added element is there are some weekly tournaments which are automated by Google+, in which you compete with your friends to get high score and earn points. Well, the players can see their friend's scores also down the right side of your screen so that you compare yourself among your friends and estimate where you rank with them.

Power Ups in Collapse! Blast:
In Collapse! Blast each player can also gain an edge in the game where they are eligible to purchase power-ups. These Power-ups will be available to you only when you go some level up and it can be purchased only by using coins which you earn through playing. As you start playing this Collapse! Blast game each player will have one power-up slot available. But as you grow in your level by earning lot points, you can unlock additional slots.

These Power-ups which you get must be used strategically. Because in the early session as said above you will have only one Power Ups and the one which you chose to you will appear only once in your screen. So it is best advised that each player use their Power Ups to the best when needed.

Lives in Collapse! Blast:
Each session of Collapse! Blast in Google+ uses lives which are basically represented as hearts. Every player will be given four lives in his game to complete the game. But the player can extra lives by leveling up with increasing their points or also by asking their friends to send them. Well, also there is another way to get lives by waiting a period of time for them that is Collapse! Blast to refill for you automatically. Each life buys one 60 second of your game. Also during those 60 seconds the players are asked to clear as many blocks as possible to earn score multipliers and increase their score.

Additional features of Collapse! Blast in Google+:

Collapse! Blast has recently added some more additional features in the works for the game. These features include sound, new tutorial on how to play and also performance improvements. Also it is said that a treasure meter will be added in the next several weeks. The treasure meter will be a bonus feature for all Google+ players as it will reward players with additional coins for reaching certain performance levels and goals.

Tips to earn high points in Collapse! Blast of Google+:

If you are a player of Collapse! Blast in Google+ social networking site, well then I have some tips to share with you on how to earn more points and increase in levels where you can stay ahead among your friends and neighbors who are Collapse! Blast. The overall plot of this game is to click on the groups of 3 or more same colored blocks and remove them from the screen before the row reaches the top or the time runs off. Every player has the aim to grow up in the level because this is only way gain some good power ups. So on keeping this in mind, I will tell you one basic and simple step or trick to get quicker access to multipliers and also to get your score to climb high easier.

i) As soon as the game starts instead of immediately looking for blocks to click and eliminate, you can rapidly hit the spacebar continuously until the rows gets closer to the top that is touching the screen. Now if you start to find, you can identify many large groups to eliminate which is more easier than trying to find small groups within 2 or 3 rows.Cbast1

ii) By following this I'm sure that you will get something of 50,000 to 65,000 points which will surely help you to level up quicker than your friends. Once when you have acquired all the three differently colored bombs in your screen, now you can use 3 power ups at a time which will again let you to go for the bigger score. Now add the red, blue and green bombs to your power ups which are available.

iii) And final the tips is when you once start the game, only hit the spacebar until you get two different colored bombs to appear or you get close to the top of the screen. When you get two bombs then click on the both bombs to eliminate 2 of the 3 colors from the screen. Then immediately on doing that, now click the remaining color to clear the screen completely to receive a clean sweep award which is mega points of the Collapse! Blast game. Well, now repeat this same process again. After you do the same process twice, now it will be more difficult for you to do this. At this point of time you are advised to use a combination of two bombs and also the other strategy of using the spacebar to add lots of rows to the screen. And final, on continuing these same steps you will result in high score which will be over 1 million points.


Well, finally I would like to conclude saying that Collapse! Blast of Google+ is an "Uncontrollable, block-busting, fun game for all ages of people." Collapse! Blast is the new, wildly addictive game where every player can blast and bomb your way through colored blocks. You can also challenge your friends to top the weekly leader boards in this fast paced 60-second game. Well, to achieve this you can make use of tricks to earn jigh points in Collapse! Blast. So start you game to blast the blocks. All the Best.

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