Google+ game: Diamond Dash review

Diamond Dash is one of the game in Google+ which was developed and marketed by Wooga. This is one of the world's most played game as this game has more than 10million player all over the world. Now they have come into the social networking site of Google's Google Plus. Here this article is all about the Diamond Dash game such as description and how to play. So read it and start playing your Daimond Dash game in Google +.

Diamond Dash is a game developed and presented by Wooga in Google plus. Wooga Company has also published two other games to Google+. They are Monster World and Bubble Island games. Also the most interesting thing to note about this Diamond Dash game is that it is included in the top of the game's window. Well, the two other games comes from this game tab were you can easily navigate through all Wooga games in Google+ right from there.

Well, you can find that Diamond Dash is somewhat similar to the Bejeweled Blitz game. But there is nothing to be surprised here as the game idea is about falling into the cloud concept of selecting groups which are similar. The main concept of all these games will also be related to Mahjong too.

In Diamond Dash each player has to click all the groups in one minute which are similar having three or more pieces with the same color. This is the only way to increase your score in the Diamond Dash game. By clicking on bigger groups you can avail yourself to get more and better score. So sometimes the better way to get score is by skimming smaller groups around you with some particular color. Doing like this will surely benefit you from resulting both in sinking and moving among the board of the Diamond Dash game.

Game Description

Diamond Dash to say in simple is a 60 second game rushing for gems where the players needs to click colorful gems, use magic diamonds and compete with your friends. Diamond Dash can be played by testing player reactivity by clicking on the same-colored gems. To all the players, there are some additional Social features like weekly tournaments and also the ability to help out your friends, add up to the arcade experience.

Play-ability and addiction to Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash in Google+ has excellent graphic features which attract players of all ages ideally focusing on all casual players to have some fun. You may get hooked into this Diamond dash game, especially when you start to create bigger groups of yourself. The most indigestible thing for the players is that the game is limited on one minute to play for each time.
Diamond Dash

Score in Diamond Dash

Well Diamond Dash is a nice game which is not over-pretentious but with a simple and easy in-existent learning curve which will the players some fun. The main elements to get in this game are bit more complicated as they are many players trying to beat your score. Yes, the players can beat your score by better grouping the color tokens on the board so be careful in choosing your group with proper colors. All player can get a score of 10 out of 10 in Diamond Dash.


Finally to conclude about this game, well, start playing your game by clicking many groups and earn your score well. You all motive and aim should be in choosing the color of gems well and bigger group to earn better. To say in simple words, the game is in your hand for just 60 seconds and you can play only for 60 seconds. So make use of it but in the beginning you may not know how to play well but later stages you will be perfect in choosing the groups and color gems. All the best. Play your best.

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Guest Author: Lina10 Mar 2013

I am not getting my score are not showing up as I thought they would so can any one help me please thank you

Guest Author: lina10 Mar 2013

So how do I get my score on the game
as I am still playing the game for days and my score are not coming up thank you lina

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