Google+ game: Monster World review

Monster World is one of the game in Google+ social networking site. This is a new game and most popular game which is being played by all people in he world. Monster World has getting more player day by day and the number of player paling it is increased. Here is a review about this which help you to understand and play this game.

monster world
Monster World one of the Google Plus game has become the talk of the town now a days. It has been attracted a whole lot of audience and player to play in daily. As we all know that Google Inc. has turned up its market in Social Networking too. Well, in it we have some added features like Games too as in other social networking websites. Yes, Google Plus one the cutest game in its games features and that game is called Monster World. This game was developed by Wooga. This Monster World is one of the scintillating game which is liked by all the user of Google +.
Monster World is one of the beat developed and featured games in Google+. Monster World in Google Plus is a strategy game based on farming which was developed and marketed by Wooga. This game is fully about farming. Yes, in Google+, the Monster World game is basically a Monster Farming which is just the same Farmville. To have the better understanding about this game then well, here in Monster World the farming game is fully with alien creatures and robots which does farming in this world. This would be new and more attracting for the players as this will be different for them from human beings doing the farming as usual.
monster world game
In this Monster World the player can just explore a mysterious strange land as you play and grow with your points. Here in this game you can grow as you harvest different trees and flowers which is known familiar and unfamiliar to you like Unicorn Trees, Chocolate Flowers, Lemonade Bushes and etc. Also you have some more features in your account where you can have your own unique profile vision with some crazy items in Monster World by decorating and expanding your own monster patch which you use in farming.

As the developer of this Monster World Wooga states, players are able to would place the age playability focus of this game. This age playability focus has highly fluid graphics, snappy, with plastic and caricaturesque coloring which can be about 5 years up to 12 years old.

Game Speed and responsiveness in Monster World

To talk upon with the game speed, I would really say that it is very slow and lazy. Every player needs to wait an at least a couple of minutes for growths. Well, the game is slow only at the beginning but it can be perfectly bearable and understandable by all the Monster World players and fan.
The responsiveness for this game is good when it is compared with other games as this game has different options like snapping into position in a wobbly fashion. These snapping options will be surely an added joys for the younger players who are die fan of it. But at one stage the Monster World game was fully spotted with in selling popup window as the "OK" button did not respond well. Due to this problem every players need to go back again to main Google Plus Games page, and again re-enter Monster World game from the main page.

Monster World time demand

Monster World has the time demand as I'm sure that every player will get addicted to it. Once if you play this game, then you will surely like it and get addicted that too mainly to lovers of farming game. If you like farming games, This Is the reason why I said it is demanding more time as you might need to spend more time dedicating on playing it. But anyway you can be sure that it is a game where you dispense as it demands lots of time from your part.

Scores in Monster World

Scoring is the main thing which all players mainly focus. Well, here in Monster World game also the score mainly ranges from 8 out of 10. This is a common score which is achieved by all players but this is due to the moderated laziness of this game. But anyway dedicated playing will surely make you to achieve 10 out of 10 score but it all depends on your play.


Well, to conclude myself on this game, I would say "Play the Monster World and Get More Friends". Because in Google+, if you play a game, then all your accomplishments like rewards, points, scores and achievements will be shown in public to other Google Plus users So, this will be very useful for you to find friends and you can join with them to play together.

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