Google plus user guide- Google+ tips and tricks for new users

Read this article to know more about how to use sharing, photos and videos feature effectively in Google+. Google+ recently completed one month and it acquired 20+ million users. In this article, I am going to discuss about some facts and tips on how to use sharing feature, photos and videos, in Google+.

Now, Google+ is one month old social networking website from Google. Google+ got huge response in the social networking market. Most of the people around the world started using Google+ in different effective ways. Around 20+ million users signed up Google+ within a short span of one month.

When compared to other social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ concept is quite different from them. Google+ revolves around a concept called Circles. Circles is the main feature which made Google+ unique from other social networking websites.

Google+ has a built in ability to share photos and videos. You can keep your photos, videos in Google+. If you want to share them, you can share your photos and videos. In Google+, you can restrict your photo sharing. You can select some people and you can share with them.

Tips while using Photos and Videos in Google+

1) When you mouse over someone's profile in Google+, the profile name popup's which shows a bigger profile photo which lets users to add the certain person to your circle without visiting their profile page. You can edit the profile photo and you can apply several filters to your profile photo. To do this, go to Photos in your Google+, select any photo from your album, click on it, Photo will be popped up, under the photo you can find "Actions" button, select it and click on Edit photo. Now on the right side, you will find different effects to apply on the photo.

2) You can rotate your profile pictures by clicking on them. In Google+, you can share your albums. To ensure proper sharing of your albums , go to the photos page and chose the album which you want to share. click on the album. On the top, you can find Share album option, click on it and select people for whom you want to share the album. Now, people with who you shared will only able to see your album and they can tag the photos in your album.

3) When you are tagging somebody in a photo, you have to keep in mind that, you are sharing the entire album with them. The people who you tagged, can tag anyone they want in that album and they can share that with others also. So you have to remember that when you are tagging somebody, you are giving them full permission. Any how, you can disable re sharing specific photos.

4) As per Picasa, if you are using Google+, photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't be counted towards your free photo storage in Picasa.

5) You can share a photo or a video which has been uploaded to an album. You have to click on the blue Visible to only you (edit) link above the media which will reveal a share box where you can add people or circles to share with.

6) You can move your Facebook photos to Google+ (Picasa) from website. It is a free web application which helps you to export all your Facebook albums to Picasa and share them with your Google+ circle.

7) You can rename your photo albums in Google+. Go to the album which you want to rename. Click on the album and click on the album title. Now you can rename the album name. Same procedure can be followed to rename any circle in your Google+.

Tips while using Share feature in Google+

1) When you are sharing posts with small circle of people, you can prevent re sharing the post. You can do it by clicking on the arrow at the top-right of the post and select "Disable reshare."

2) In Google+, you can't share Limited posts publicly.

3) To know with whom you are sharing, you can click on the Limited which is next to time stamp will find exactly with whom you would be sharing your comments.

4) To find a permanent link for any post, click on the time stamp. You will get a permanent link.

5) You can send a private message to someone just bu creating a normal post and share it with only one person. That's it. Now you sent a private message to the person.

6) You can edit, delete, disable commenting or re sharing your own posts. You can do this by clicking on the little circle and triangle menu which will be present at the top right of each post.

7) If you find any abuse photo, click on the drop down menu and select abuse. If Google find it as abuse, they will surely delete the post.

8) If you make a post as "public", nobody will be mailed. If you make a post to your Friends circle, people who are not using Google+ will be mailed about your post.

Facts about Google+

1) Till now it is not possible to see who viewed your profile in Google+.

2) At this moment, Google+ is not yet officially opened for business advertising.

3) If you add a person to both public circle and private circle, it is publicly visible that you are following the added person.

4) Till today, games are not available in Google+.

5) If you share any post with private circle and when someone clicks on the “Limited” link, they will still see who can see that post.

6) You can delete a member of any circle by dragging him out of the circle.

7)You can hide members of your Circles from others. To do this, go to your profile, Click on "Edit your profile" and click the little circle icon which is next to the "In xyzs circle" and un check the first option.

8) You can remove comments in your post.

9) You can mute any post in Google+.

10) You can re-order your circles in Google+. Just drag the circle to left or right. You can place your favorite circle in the first place followed by the other circles.

11) You can drag any circle from the bottom to cloud to know how many people are present in that circle.

12) You can copy members in one circle to another circle.

13) In Google+, you have to use your own real name. If you use, your pet names in the profile, huge chances are there to suspend your profile.

14) In Google+ When you are chatting with people, you can drag the top of the chatting box to resize the chatting window.

15) When you are chatting on Google Talk from your phone, you can continue the conversation from Google+.

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Guest Author: Martin21 Dec 2011

Would be nice if one could with a single click on a cercle member send him/her an e-mail. This seems to be missing.

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