Google+ is creating wonders even in trial run

This article is written to introduce the latest feature of Google to the public with the authentication of the Google CEO. Google has been introducing many features every now and then, and still more to come. How it came into existence since 1996 and the development with features brief.

With the meeting of the then two PhD perusing students of the Stanford University in California was the birth of GOOGLE which has taken over almost everything on the globe. You just think and the answer is Google. It was the brain child of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, initially called it PageRank as a new technology. Both renamed their search engine as BackRub as this used to check the backlinks and also estimated the importance of the site. Later the BackRub was converted to Google. Google has originated from a word googol meaning the figure 1 followed by 100 zeros which is equal to 10100. Google was first a part of the Stanford University website as the domain name It was on 15 September 1997 that Google was registered further getting incorporated on 4 September 1998. Unlike HCL it also started its journey from a garage in Menlo Park, California. Google in the span of 15 years has surpassed the 1 billion mark in May 2011 with the increase of 8.4% since 2010.

Google has been the creating many feature other than search engine. Google mail or Gmail is the most popular email provider. With somewhat daily adding features like:
1. Email service - To send and receive mails
2. Blog account - To post articles and innovative write up
3. Google Search Engine - To search the web
4. Photo Sharing - To share photos
5. Buzz - To share anything on web
6. Calendar - To remember important dates
7. Documents - To save doc and files online
8. Maps - To track a route and search places on virtual maps
9. News - To have latest updates and current affairs
10. YouTube - To share videos and keep them safe online
11. Chat - To link with friends and team
12. Google AdSense account - To earn through Ads
13. Google Analytics - To analyze your earning through AdSense
14. Google Webmaster Tool - To keep a track of your earnings
15. Google Health – To keep a track of better health
16. Google PowerMeter – To monitor your electricity consumption at home
17. Google+ - A brand new social network plan it is the latest feature of

Google+ has been successful all over

According to the speech of the CEO of Google Larry Page that Google+ has crossed the mark of 10 million users. It happened only in a fortnight since this feature was added by Google as a trial launch. This will keep on multiplying and more people will join Google+ which is an answer to Facebook. Google+ is available on Android phones also and 550,000 have been activated on daily basis. Further revealing the users connecting to Google+ the CEO said that through Chrome 160 million users are using this more than 2.3 billion times a day.

Page said that 135 million Android smartphones have been activated. There are 250,000 applications which are being downloaded to the surprising number of 6 billion times in a day. All the new features have created a new record for Google as the revenue has gone up by 32% generating quarterly revenue for 2011 overshooting $9 billion.

Google CEO proud of Google+

"With Google+ we are planning to change the experience of web to real life sharing," the CEO said. He further added that circle have provided you the precision to understand what you are sharing and with whom. With Google+ hangouts allowed for serendipitous interactions, making all look very real.
Google+ is still a trail run and more new and innovative feature still to be pulled from Google's magic-box.

CEO and his team are planning to create more friendly services of Google and want the people to use them twice a day…just like a toothbrush.

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