Google Plus and its features.

In this article, I am going to discuss about Google's latest release called Google Plus. Google Plus is an social networking site from Google. Today, Google released its trial version to some of the users. What is Google Plus, how it is different from the other social networking sites, how to use Google Plus is discussed in detail.

In this article, I am going to discuss about Google's latest release called Google Plus. Google Plus is an social networking site from Google. Today, Google released its trial version to some of the users. What is Google Plus, how it is different from the other social networking sites, how to use Google Plus is discussed in detail.

What is Google Plus ?

Google plus takes a different approach towards social sharing. Google+ provides the opportunity to Google users to connect and interact with people who are in their contacts in a social way. With the help of Google plus, Google wants to increase the level of sharing with utmost privacy, which makes the Google experience more social than ever.

Google Plus is the Google's latest attempt in social networking market. Social networking is the only place where Google is lagging behind others. In past Google had launched its social services like Orkut, Buzz, Wave, but none of them gave good competition. So Google decided to create a best social networking site.

Without giving up, Google created Google Plus to conquer the social networking market. Google bets that it's approach to privacy and extensive controls on who you share information on the network, will set Google Plus apart from others. With the features Google Plus have, we can expect Google Plus to give a tough competition to Facebook and Twitter.

How to use Google Plus ?

Google+ is invite-only right now. You can visit the Google+ home page to request one. You can click on this to go to the Google+ home page. Once you get invite, you need to create a Google profile. At the first stage, Google requires that user's should use their your real name and include a photo. Apart that you can furnish the profile with all details you want. With Google Plus users can control their profile, how it is visible to other friends on the network. To check this, type your friends name into a box, and you can see how your profile looks like to them. Once you enable the Google plus, you will find a link to your Google+ profile, which will replace your old Google Profile. On this profile you’ll find not only a stream of everything you are shared across Google+, but also your Plus one (+1) content. You can interact with the content right from the drop down bar which is an excellent feature. With Google+, Google profiles got an purpose for users to fill it.

Google Plus Concept

Google Plus revolves around a concept called "Circles". A Circle is an identifier for the network you create and it is visible to you only. You can create as many circles as you want. Circles is a drag and drop interface for organizing friends into groups. With the help of HTML5 system, users can create as many circles as they like for different categories for example family, workers, friends etc. Every separate circle will be represented with a thumbnail image.

The best thing in Google Plus is that Google will scan your email contact list and Android contacts and suggest you people whom you might want to follow. Google will suggest you to add your friends, relatives, workers in your social network. To add a person to one of your circle, drag the name into a circle. The person will be now in your respective circle. If you want to remove someone from the circle, simply drag their image out of the circle, that person will be out of your circle. You can follow a celebrity or a famous person on Google Plus. You have to search for the name on the search box and add him to a circle you have created. This circle is visible only to you so you can safely name it anything you want.

We can say Google+ combines the Facebook and Twitter models of social networking, where you can have friends in your social network with whom you share information and you can also follow certain people with their updates, status like in Twitter. Google Plus mainly consists of Sparks, Hangouts, Huddles. Apart the above Google Plus also have Mobile, Instant Upload,Location.

Sparks in Google Plus

Sparks helps you find interesting content based on your interest. Sparks is like Google Reader. The main difference between Google Reader and Sparks is Sparks brings content to you automatically based on your interests, Where as in Google Reader you have to subscribe for what you want. In Sparks each topic will get its own "Spark" page and provide links to related articles. You can also subscribe to categories of interest or you can create your own custom category and you will receive links to the latest content in "Sparks" page. You can get the content over 40 different languages in your "Sparks" page.

Hangout in Google Plus

Hangouts are virtual rooms where you can video chat with people in your circles. You can tell people in specific circles that you are available for a video conference(for a hangout in Google plus) by clicking on a button. You can talk to a specific friend or you can join up to ten people in a video conference. So, if you are not busy, you can start a talk with your friends in the Hangout. With Hangout, you can share a piece of content, like a YouTube clip, and everyone in the Hangout can watch it together while discussing about it. It's a really good feature in the Google Plus. Simply, we can say Hangout is just a video chat

Huddles in Google Plus

Huddles is a new group messaging app which is introduced in the Google Plus. You can message with a group of people within your Circles. with Huddles, users can get a group messaging experience that lets everyone inside the circle know what's going on. It's like a Group chat in Facebook.

Apart the above features, Google Plus have some other features like Instant Upload. With this feature, when you snap a photo on your Android phone, it will be automatically uploaded to Google+. With the help of Location feature you can add your location to your every post.

Google+ is also available for Android based phones. This app will let you do all of these from your phone. Once you receive your Google+ invite, you can download the app. It includes a stream of updates from your friends.

Since Google plus is in trial, users may find some errors and difficulties while accesing. Once it is totally released, We can say Google Plus will be a sure competitor for other Social Networking sites. Google is referring its new service as the Google+ Project. So it is clear that what’s available now is only the first installment and several more features are going to release sooner.


Author: swastika mohanty05 Jul 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

I read the article this is definitely help full article to know about features of Google + but till some one has not used the features its not easy to understand the core concept of any site.

The spark system is very nice as one can promote the articles very smoothly there.

Author: Jayanta Datta Choudhury06 Jul 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Hi Varun,
You have highlighted many important features of newly launched site to guide all the new members to actively participate in this social networking site.
The features are actually very attractive to the members who requires privacy in their interactions with other friends and relatives.

Author: Gaurav Arora07 Jul 2011 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1


Nice to hear about the features. I am comparing g+ with Facebook.

These are really nice features

Author: bhavana08 Apr 2012 Member Level: Bronze   Points : 1

Hi Friends,

I fully agree agree with it.It has been correctly said that Google Plus is a social networking site, it revolves around a new concept called "Circles" which was not in Facebook like if you are interested in making your own family then you may move ahead on it whether publicly, professionally anyone.


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