Get the invitation for here on Googleplustips

I have left with 18 more invitations with me for So, all who want to join the latest buzz of Google plus-"" put their Gmail Id here on this forum thread. I will be inviting them all. But remember I have just 18 invitations so hurry.
For schemer you need to have a Google plus account. As it is completely sync'd with Google plus. You can share your scheme there, can be a part of another's scheme. Can learn many arts and forms. As members there are sharing there knowledge and promoting good sites through schemer which let the members of schemer to learn the various forms and concerned websites related to that form.
some of the most famous schemes there is "How to set up your own business" and "learn HTML,C,C++,c#,HTML5 etc." , "how to walk on moon" and many more.

So, hurry and put your Id below.