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    Important guideline: Redundant articles are not allowed

    Hello members,
    This is an important announcement for all new members who plan to post articles at GPT. To keep up the high ranking of GPT redundancy of articles will not be allowed. This means that any article on a particular topic which has already been posted before by any member and is approved will not be accpeted. This step is taken to keep the high ranking on GPT intact.
    Thank you for your cooperation.
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    Ankit, I think this will deviate many newcomers of this site. Members should be allowed to post their resources, but their points of view and way of presenting the articles should be taken care of. If the articles are written in different tone and texture, using different words and motion, then those articles should not be counted as a redundant one.
    What's your stand on this?

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    Forget for one second ISC, GPT and sister sites. Take any professional website with paid authors. Do they write more than one article on the same content? Do any of the review sites review a product, gadget or service more than once? Answer is obviously no. This is because a person would prefer a professionally written article only once on a site and if there are many variants of the same content it is only going to disappoint and confuse the reader as to which one is best. Google guidelines clearly state to avoid redundancy and therefore taking advantage of the less members here we have taken this decision to keep the ranking of Googleplustips high.

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    Ankit, Its not good to rate this site as a reviewing site. And of course yes, there are many sites where you will get various opinions on a particular topic by various authors. Say for example Mashable.
    But, come out from that zigzag, simply think GPT as a site like Hubpages. where authors has no restrictions to post on a particular topic, though you cannot post the same topic name again. By topic name I mean the title of your content, that title should not match, this is very much taken care of in Hub pages. So, I think redundancy in terms of title may be restricted, but topic or content should not be restricted. As this site is not a personal blog, but a site meant for everyone to express their view on a particular topic.
    Please rethink over this ban of yours on redundant topic.
    For example If some one post about facebook vs Google+ backing facebook and some other posts Google+ vs facebook backing Google+, then both should be allowed. Restriction can't be imposed for the same.

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    That's the point. GPT is not like HubPages or ISC or Infobarrel where we have tons of posts daily. We have few active authors and go get the highest profit in terms of search engine reputation it is necessary to avoid redundancy.
    I have thought a lot about this step and so far GPT and its members only reaped profit from it.
    However please understand that even after this restriction there are many opportunities on the same. For example take a game review. On this there can be:
    1.Game review
    2.Walkthrough- playing guide
    3.Cheats or tips and tricks
    4.Any new update guide
    5. Technical review of the game

    The example you have given has the same keywords in title irrespective of their positions. This is where the problem creeps in.

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    So, don't you expect members to turn out to this site. Suppose many members switch to this site, then how will it be possible to maintain the distinction. That is of few paid authors instead of many freelancer authors like on ISC and sister sites.

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    No matter how hard I try we will never have too many authors here considering that only Google plus related topics can be covered. I had brought Shathyan here and now Sukhdev sir too is here on my invitation. In fact I would prefer only experienced authors to write on GPT.

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    Okay then its fine. This experiment of yours may bring good results. is a site very much in accordance to the concept you are talking about.
    I hope this experiment to be successful.

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    This GPT is not a website where we can write many articles daily and post and it wont be life long. Here we are limited with topics as we can write only about Google Plus.

    Also really Ankit has been worked hard as alone man to bring up this site very well. This site is now with PR 3 which is something great. Ankit has all the credits for this achievement and also I'm getting a good revenue from Adsense from this GPT daily.

    So as he said, here redundancy of articles will surely bring down the website and all his hard work will go in vain.

    Live Your Life Your Way

    Thanking you,

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    I respect the hard work of Ankit, I just raised the concern because for the first time anyone of spider network has decided to chose some other path unlike the traditional one.
    I wish him all the best for his success and successful running of this site.

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    Well, Ataul you can just write some articles, unique articles in GPT about Google Plus and get some benefits from 125% of Adsense Share of GPT
    Live Your Life Your Way

    Thanking you,

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    Thanks Sathyan, but I have been writing for this site for long. And many of articles are topping the chart on Google search results.
    I hope will be continuing the trend in future also.

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    It is a good experience to express our thoughts on this subject. Let us go according to the meaning of redundancy. What Mr. Ankit Sinha meant was not to write on the same topic again and again, especially by the same person and on the same theme of the topic. People may like to read the views of different persons expressed on the same topic, but they would definitely not like to read the same resource written by the same person though he or she might have expressed his or her thoughts in several different ways.

    The same author can use the same topic but there is no problem if he or she makes separate article on the different aspects of that topic. For example if your topic is a game like "Angry Birds" on which you have to right. You can write a review of that game and that will constitute your one article. You can create a separate article on the same game by giving the tips, tricks and strategy to play the game and that will be your second article and so on. This will definitely not be termed as redundancy.

    Sukhdev Singh
    "Teaching is my passion, sharing knowledge is my motto".

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    Sukhdev sir,
    Your idea for me is the best. But let's say one member has already written an article and other member writes about the similar one a little bit more precisely and adds more information about it and makes it more informative and better than the previous one written by other member.
    In that case what will happen? The previous one will get deleted or the new improved one ?

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    We do no allow low quality articles in the first place. So unless your new article has some startling new points no new post will be accepted. In any case the old one will not be deleted but the new one will be modified to give it a different theme altogether.

    However it will always be better to write on a different topic than the one already posted because there will be a rare chance of getting a article approved on the same topic.

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    Hi Friends,

    According to my point of view it is correctly said like sites as Hub pages, in these you may type in different views, title, no redundancy, then it should be allowed. Suppose for example if somebody writes on similar twice, thrice no of times through different ways.It is trues to say that there are various ways of answering similar topic no of times, through no of ways.Like for example What is Cloaking, Black Hat Seo? Then the are various ways to answer this question keeping in mind that no redundancy should be there.

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