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    Adsense revenue sharing actived on GPT

    Hello friends,

    We are excited to announce that Google AdSense revenue sharing program is active in this site now. We share 90% AdSense revenue to content contributors.

    We use Google AdSense Host APIs to share AdSense revenue to our content writers, which is the most reliable way of AdSense revenue sharing to content writers.

    How it works?

    When you write content in this site, we will use your AdSense code in your content pages. Through the use of Google AdSense Host APIs, Google will share 90% of the AdSense revenue from your pages to your AdSense account and we will get 10% commission for hosting and optimizing your content for each search engine discovery.

    All you need to do is, create a new AdSense account or associate an existing AdSense account with us. Then start posting great articles on Google+. We will take care of the rest including optimizing your articles for search engines, getting traffic to your posts and so on.

    Get started
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    Hii Members,

    On the eve of New Year, we have got this Adsense Revenue Share as our gift from GPT. So make us of it and contribute lots to earn.

    Wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

    Live Your Life Your Way

    Thanking you,

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    Thanks Webmaster just now associated my existing AdSense account with GPT. Thanks for sharing this info and activating Google AdSense association on this GPT.

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    How I am a GOLD member ?

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    @ Radhamadhav sethy,

    Now you are a Bronze Members. So you have to become a Gold Member to get the Adsense Share. For this, you need to post articles in our resource section and you will be given some points and cash for it. Once if you reach 500 points, you will get your Gold Member Shield and you can get the Adsense. So start posting articles about Google+ and start earning from us.

    Live Your Life Your Way

    Thanking you,

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    It is good to hear the adsense revenue sharing has been activated. Members must use this opportunity to utilize it.

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    Hello Ankit,
    I was actually wondering that how exactly Google is giving us AdSense revenue because sometime I get .88 dollars in one click while by 8 clicks, only 50 cents. So I am actually confused about system. So may you please let me know about the whole system of revenue share that how it actually works!!!

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    The cost per click depends mainly on three factors- the type of ad, the country of the visitor and the page impressions after which the ad is clicked. Mainly a US or UK visitor gives a higher cost per click. The $0.88 you have earned must have been from a visitor from the above mentioned countries whereas the 8 clicks would be mainly from India or other Asian developing countries.

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    hello i am new here. anyone help me to get referral at gpt site?

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    I like google things. Hence here.
    Technology Rules:

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