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    Who is following whom, facebook or Google+

    This is a discussion forum thread, i want to discuss here that, who do you think is following the other.
    Do you think that Facebook is following the Google plus features like, privacy setups and classifying of categories like family, friends, acquaintance etc.
    Or you think that Google plus is following the facebook features like the sharing of games streams.
    If you personally ask me, i am in favor of Google+, because of its privacy concerns and really updated and advanced features like hangouts and huddles. I don't think Facebook's timeline feature will help Facebook much from getting back the users who have immigrated fro the site.
    But one thing is certain, the fight between the twos are interesting and the beneficiaries are, we the users.
    As we due to this cock fight are getting more and more advanced and updated features in no times. We almost daily see some changes in the sites. Thanks to Google who stopped Facebook's monopolizing the market strategy.
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    As facebook is older than Google + so in my opinion Google is following facebook features. But the owners of Google are much older than facebook and Google team is much more vast and innovative.

    So debate goes on...

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    Exactly only opinions can be shared. No one can say in definite who is following whom. Sometime Facebook follows Google+ while sometime Google follows Facebook.

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    Yes Ataul bro you are absolutely right that in the fighting between them us, users are really getting benefits. Each one is trying hard to take the market and make their website better than each other.

    But I think that both are adopting some ideas from each other. As you see that Google+ has adopted the while bag round as in Facebook and Facebook has also a little bit Conesus about privacy like Google+. There are lots of examples.

    But at last Google is Google. That's why everyone in Google and we are in Google.

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