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    Why people are running after Google+?

    Hi everyone,
    These days there are lot of social networking sites running and each one has its own extra features. I do remember, it started with messengers like Yahoo, MSN, GTalk to sites like Orkut, Twitter, hi5, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Bebo, and so on (I'm discussing about popular ones only) and not to forget about WAYN with Google+ the latest addition in the same category. But then do we ever think why we need all these and as a new one came into existence, we leave the older site and enjoy with the latest one just because we don't want to leave behind. If we have friends then we can use any common site for long. If we make new network friends on say Facebook or Orkut then what will happen if we switch to a newer portal like Google+ or any. Are we sure they will also shift alongwith you or now its own new job to hunt for newer friends, add them, talk to them and then dump then as soon as a new Site is launches.

    My verdict here is not against Google+ or Facebook or any but this is a general discussion to give a thought. There are many drawbacks in terms of webspace or say server loads when we switch to a newer one and all our data on the previous site is still secured which we are not using.

    I just posted this what I feel, no hard feeling against any site or person. Just wanted to know your views on this.

    Abhinay Mohan
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    So far I don't see any reason to switch to google plus. I don't care for twitter but do like facebook so there I will remain. My other friends can do what they please. I have found the social network of my choice.

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    Hi all

    A social networking site should have to be with the activities of social festivals, culture related, and birthdays, wedding celebration information like that. The face book or twitter, or other sites people sell their goods and they call it inbound marketing. I think Google plus will never permit to those activities, and it would be pure social network that is the reason it is not an open for all, and only for selected people by the selected people already.

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    As you might have heard the sentence "Only change is constant", we people always wants some changes around us. We always go for the new and improved changes. When Orkut was there we were satisfied with it and everybody was on it. With everybody i mean those who were on any social networks, but with the advent of Facebook people saw some new and improved features on it and then shifted to Facebook.
    On Facebook, everybody feels that and is of course is, that Facebook has less or almost no privacy concerns. Facebook tracks its users even when they are logged out! such an embarrassing situation. Whatever you do online is tracked by Facebook.
    So folks started hating it and at that time Google plus launched, to give proper and best privacy setups to its users.
    So people are shifting again to Google plus.
    So whats the harm in it.
    As marcy told that she will remain on Facebook even her friends shift to Google plus, be it. its her decision. Still there are some people who are on orkut and has yet not shifted to Facebook. Its there will.

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