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    Did you know you are not allowed to delete your account here?

    A general question for the members, including captive members like myself and my wife...
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    You are right. We do not allow deleting user accounts permanently. However, members can erase any personal information in the profile including name, email, address, profile description, profile photo etc.

    You have access and editing rights on any information you posted. The only public information you cannot erase is your user id, which do not come under personal information as per definitions of any internet guidelines.

    Once created, we do not allow deleting a user account permanently from this site. We are required to maintain certain records of all members who joined, which include your user id and Ip addresses you logged in. We do not need to keep any content or personal information of yours.

    Please let me know if you have any questions on how to remove your information.

    Some tips:

    How to remove your name, email address and other profile information?

    - Go to
    - Click the link Edit Profile
    - Erase your name, email address and any other information in your profile.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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    I fail to understand why people have negative approach just at the beginning.

    The person who has posted this thread cannot understand that joining a site is most difficult thing. But we are habitual with getting access to the site easily and that too with fake identities.

    This is what the social sites have given to us. There are more than 33% people on FB–the most popular social networking site–who are just not real.

    These people who talk about removing the profile or anything else are mental patients, and must not be taken seriously in life.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Exactly whats the use of creating an account if you had previously thought of deleting it in future. But still if you want to remove your personal information, this site is giving you that opportunity to remove all your information if you wish to do so.
    Then there should be no hesitation or problem with the user, if they are able to remove there personal data. What the site administrator will do with your ip address or id. Its of no use for him.
    And almost all sites keep a record of your ip address and id, even though they allow you to delete your account permanently.
    Facebook even tracks your surfing activities, even when you are offline.
    Facebook keeps some cookies on the browsers of users so that, it can trace whether any redundant profile is created from the same ip address or browser. And it checks the profile creation, if it find there is a redundancy in the profile information from the same browser.

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    Ok. Deleting account is not possible, fine. But what about rejected resources and polls etc, can they be deleted?

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    Rejected Resources and polls etc are removed from Google within some days and from GPT at a fixed interval which can be 3-6 months.

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