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    How do I remove myself from this website

    Support is nonresponsive and there is no account management page. I want out. I feel scammed. I want out. Please advise.
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    Hi Daryl,
    Why do you think this site is a spam? You have just joined this site and if you want you can earn money by writing articles. We will also be activating Adsense revenue as soon as this site becomes 6 months old.

    As for your query about account management, in the right side panel you see your name, click on that and you will reach account management. There you can edit your profile as well as change your notification settings as per your preferences. You won't receive any mail through us if you don't want to and even if you don't change your notification settings we don't send you any spam or unnecessary mails.

    I strongly suggest you contribute to this site to earn money (we can pay through Paypal) and also enjoy the benefits of Adsense revenue sharing as soon as we complete 6 months of launch of this site.

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    I looked at that page, and no where on there do I see any option for deleting my account. I do NOT want to be here. I joined my mistake. I have written support requesting assistance, and got none. You're still not answering my simple question. HOW DO I DELETE MY ACCOUNT? A simple question. I don't want to change my profile or notification settings. I simply want to leave and eliminate my account here.

    Until you give me a straight answer, I have no choice to maintain my opinion. Just tell me how to delete my account and we can both go our own ways. Otherwise, you're insisting on retaining all my information against my will, and that to me is the definition of spam/scan.


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    Sorry Daryl but we do not offer any option to delete an account due to official purposes as we keep track of our members.

    You do not need to freak out that you have registered here as I guarantee you that you will not receive any messages from us in future unless you want to.

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    If you do not allow me to delete my account (and my wife will be having the same request), we will take action with proper authorities. We do NOT consider ourselves to be as member, and we do not wish you to maintain records of our personal information without our permission. Please write me privately and confirm that we will both be deleted. I will give you her information then. Any other answer is unacceptable, and demonstrates to me (and probably anyone reading this) that your site is not legitimate and cannot be trusted. If you will not let me delete my account, how and why should I trust you that you'll never use it for any other purposes. I don't care about messages. That is only part of the issue here, and a small part at that.

    It appears to me that you are being very deceptive about all this, by selectively answering my questions. They are simple and direct. I am NOT concerned by messages as much as I am concerned with your retention and continued use of my personal information. If you cannot acknowledge that, then you, sir, are in fact scamming me. You have no right to my personal information, and I did not give you permission to do anything with it.


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    Please note that I will also make it my business to publicly note your policies, and publicize your unwillingness to delete the accounts, which I find totally inappropriate and unacceptable. Since I have your written statement, you surely will not mind me publicizing the policy, nor do you have any legally recognized objection if I do.

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    Daryl Royal,

    I am Tony John, founder and webmaster of

    I am sorry to hear you like to leave this site. You can remove any personal information you stored in this site as well as any content you posted. You have access and editing rights on any information you posted. The only public information you cannot erase is your user id, which do not come under personal information as per definitions of any internet guidelines.

    Once created, we do not allow deleting a user account permanently from this site. We are required to maintain certain records of all members who joined, which include your user id and Ip addresses you logged in. We will not need to keep any content or personal information of yours, if you choose to erasethem.

    Please let me know if you have any questions on how to remove your information.

    Some tips:

    How to remove your name, email address and other profile information?

    - Go to
    - Click the link Edit Profile
    - Erase your name, email address and any other information in your profile.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. Also, it will be a good idea to read this help topic regarding removal of user accounts from this site.

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