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    Ask for Google+ invitation here

    Do you need a Google+ invitation? Well, then this is the right place to ask for it. Give our Facebook page a like and then post a response in this thread after registering here and we will send you a invite soon.

    Please don't mention you Gmail id here, we (admin of this website) can see the email id with which you have registered here and we will send you one there.

    Feel free to use the social sharing buttons to help your friends too get a invite.

    Click here to Join Googleplus
  • #948
    Sir I need google plus invite.

  • #950
    You have been sent a invite. Check you inbox or wait for a day.

  • #951
    I would like a Google + invite, please

  • #952
    I'm very interested in Google+ and have heard a lot of compliments on it . Please invite me.

  • #953
    can u invite me to google+ as well, please?? thank u

  • #954
    Please send me an invite.....

    Thanks :)

  • #955
    All of the above have been sent a invite.

  • #956
    I got the invitation. Thanks a lot!

  • #957
    I would like an invite please?

  • #958
    I would like an invitation please!

  • #959
    may get a invitation please?

  • #960
    need an invitation to google plus, please

  • #961
    I would like an invite to try please and thank you.


  • #962
    May I have an invite if you have one left? Thanks.

  • #963
    i would like to get the invitation,thank you so much.


  • #964
    Please give me a G+ invitation

  • #965
    pls give me an invitation ,thanks!

  • #966
    hi can any one invite me for google +..

    Thanks in advance

  • #967
    Everyone till now has been sent a invite.

  • #969
    i will love to have a google plus invitation~~^^

  • #970
    hi can I please get one invite for google+
    thanks in advance for the invite.

  • #971

    Please send me also google plus invitation.


  • #972
    google + invite please

  • #973
    google pluse invitation ,please send me one

  • #974
    I need one invitation too. Thank you very much!

  • #975
    google + invitation please. Thank you!

  • #976
    google + invitation please. Thank you!

  • #977
    To all concerned, I am eagerly awaiting a google + invitation. Thanking you in advance for helping me to become a google + member.



  • #980
    Hello Phuc

    Thank you so much for sending me an invite to Google +. I am so excited and I just can't hide it!! I have emailed you my gmail address.

    I am very thankful and I appreciate you. Blessings.


    Wendy Reed/Leggynla


  • #981

    could you please send me a google+ invite...

    thx a lots....

  • #983
    Could you please send a Google+ invite to me? Thanks in advance for helping me become a member.

    I'm surfing to Google Music (thanks for that invite). Need to become fully Googleized.


  • #984
    Could you please send me a Google+ invite.

    Thanks ahead,


  • #987
    I would like a google plus invitation. thank you.

  • #995
    Please send me a google plus invitation.

  • #1001
    Hi Ankit,
    Just reached this site through Google only for becoming a member of Google+. Anyways I know that currently if one had got an invite also then also Google+ is not accepting any new members, but then this is a human psychology that still people run after something which they know is not working. So same is the case with me too, if possible do send me an invite for Google+, let me try my luck. I don't even know how worthy is this Google+ than facebook but have heard a lot on media about the same. Lets see what difference will it make in my social networking and finding new friends.

    Bye for now and will wait for an invite.


  • #1004
    All above have been sent an invitation, best of luck

  • #1005
    If you can still send an invite it would be greatly appreciated.



  • #1006
    hi ;)
    please could you also send me an invitation soon?


  • #1007
    Hi Ankit,
    Thanks buddy for sending an invite. I highly appreciate your gift.


  • #1008
    Could I get an invite, please? :d


  • #1009
    invite me thanks

  • #1010
    could I get an invite as well. Thank you.

  • #1012
    Sir, please give me a Google plus invitation.

  • #1013
    Kindly, I need an account G+ ...Thanks

  • #1015
    Please send an invitation for Google+ to me. Thank you. Take care!!!

  • #1016
    Please,send me the invitation to join Google+.

    Kind Regards,

  • #1017
    Thanks for your time...i would like an invite as well.

  • #1018
    I would also like an invite, thanks in advance

  • #1019
    Can i have an invite please? Thanks !

  • #1020
    I would like a Google + invite, thanks if you are able to help :)

  • #1021
    Please send me a google plus invitation.

  • #1022
    Please send me one invitation of GoogleEarthPlus !

  • #1035
    please send me an invite.

  • #1036
    sir plz send me Gplus invitation,plz plz plz plz plz plz.

  • #1041
    Kindly send me an invite.

  • #1046
    please send me google plus invitation

  • #1050
    pls, give me an invitation ,thanks!

  • #1053


  • #1054
    Please Please Please

  • #1055
    I have an account with Google plus.I want to know whether I need to have another account with this site to get revenue sharing.Please clarify my doubts.

  • #1067
    Hi Ajai, you don't need to have another account for revenue sharing on this site. You can use your existing account for revenue sharing.

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