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    My resource at page rank #1

    I have posted an article on Google Hangouts on our website.I just did a google search for "Google Hangouts Starter guide". I was shocked. i saw my post as very first result among 878,000 results in Google. I am speechless now.
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    See the result in real time:

    Google Hangouts

    Shafi Ahamed

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    Congratulations, actually many of GPT resources have made it to the first page of Google including yours. Yesterday your resource had 25 visitors.

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    Hello webmasters,

    I congratulate you for getting webmaster post at GPT. Thanks for the statistics on my resource. I will start posting more from now on.

    Shafi Ahamed

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    I am on a temporary position here and the post of Webmaster is still open. Keep contributing and if you able to prove yourself then even you can apply for the post.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    I will start contributing on GPT to get that post.All the best for the days ahead.

    Shafi Ahamed

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    Keep up the good work.

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    Mr. Shafi Ahamed,
    It is indeed the moment of merriment for you.
    I have been blogging and it is great to see that your posted page is ranked by Google to the under 10 position. Many of my pages are under 10 ranking and sometimes the same page is ranked on the first position also.
    Your article is information and nicely written to make the people understand about the topic.
    Keep it up! Hope to see more informative articles from your side.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Hi, webmasters will you please let me know how to track the visitors on my posts. This will help me to know that which kind of posts are generally ranked higher in Google+ search.
    And i think many of my posts do come on to the first page results of Google plus.
    These are the links of first results of my posts:

    And almost all the posts of mine gets the first rank in results if searched through the title of my post.

    Its due to the GPT which comes on the first results our posts too gets the preferences.

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    it means this site is really worth posting for better revenue and increased exposure of your articles.

    Glad to find it out.

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    Most of the article of GPT make it to the top pages because it has been properly optimized for Google plus with high quality articles. Make sure that you write on articles related to Google plus and if you choose the right topic I guarentee you placement of your article in the top pages. If you need help in topics to decide you can contact me at my Gmail id "agentankit" or through gtalk or through this forum.

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    I am very pleased to know that your article has appeared at the top of the first page of Google Search. You have been aptly commended by the webmasters for your good work. I congratulate you for your success. I have joined this website today, and I have posted my first article Play Backyard Monsters free on Facebook.. I don't know how it will be accepted by the readers. I also don't know how to find out as to how many people have read it as Mr Ankit Sinha has revealed that your article has been read by 25 persons. Can anyone tell me how to know this? I shall be needing some good tips to write articles for this site from experienced members.
    Sukhdev Singh
    "Teaching is my passion, sharing knowledge is my motto".

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    Sukhdev sir,
    Please rest assure that most of your articles here will be on the first page of Google search. WE have few articles in our Resource section but most of them rank high in Google and other searches.

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    one of the best thing about is its search results on Search giant Most of the articles of google plus tips comes into the first page result of google search result.
    And hence you will get maximum adsense revenue from this site, compared to any other sister sites of GPT.

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