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  • Category: Announcements is looking for Webmasters, Editors and Content Writers

    We are looking for smart Webmasters, Editors and Content Writers.

    Webmaster post
    Webmaster position will be based on profit sharing basis. You are responsible for running the site successfully. In return, you will get 25% of the overall profit from the site and 90% of the AdSense revenue from the content you post in the site through our AdSense revenue sharing program which we will introduce after 6 months (to meet Google's policy requirements).

    As a webmaster, you will be responsible to come up with innovative ideas to promote the site, encourage members to post quality content, invite technical writers to the site, offer rewards and prizes in the site to keep the members motivated etc.

    You must have a lot of time in hand to work for the site. You should have a passion to work in the web. We would expect you to look at the site early morning, late night and keep thinking about new ways to promote the site. Also, we expect you to write a lot of new content. And that is why we offer you 25% profit share and 90% AdSense revenue from your content.

    In order to apply for the webmaster position, you must prove your skills first in the editor post.

    Editor post
    Editor position is voluntary post. You will be no fixed salary, but you will enjoy additional revenue benefits like unlimited AdSense revenue sharing etc. Your job will be review, edit and rate content posted by other members in the site.

    In order to apply for editor post, register as a member today and start posting content. Also, post a response below indicating your skills, qualification and interest in this position. We will let you know about the selection after reviewing the content posted by you.

    Content Writers
    We are always looking for great content writers. If you have exceptional content writing skills, post some sample article here and post a response below. You will get cash credits for your articles and will get AdSense revenue from your posts once we introduce AdSense revenue sharing. Register and get started today.
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    Mr. Tony,
    This is great news which will further enhance the interaction and innovative working on this new site.

    I adore your innovative skills which have given a chance to the common people to join in and use their knowledge to flow for other and keep the learning process in pace.

    All your sites are out of box thinking and are providing a platform to the commoners to voice their ideas and advices in the development of the country and society.

    Thanks for all you are doing.

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    Thanks for the nice words!

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    Hello Tony,
    Great to see this new sites handling current updates of Google+. Happy to be a part of this website.

    I would like to join the team. Love to share my ideas and thoughts here based on my experience with Google Plus features.

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    Hi Mr.Tony,

    All your works is making me to feel proud about you.It is a nice start to make a site related to google plus- really a break through.I am sure this is the damn hot site for google+ newbies.It is a goodway to build huge traffic to our website.Also I would like to apply for webmaster and editor posts.I am already a golden member in ISC and silver member in Dealsandcoupons(with 393 points).I will post articles related to google plus so that it will be easier for you to validate me!!


    Shafi Ahamed

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    Sindhu, welcome to GPT.


    Thanks. Looking forward to see your contributions here.

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    Dear Tony,

    I am interested in content writer's post. On which topics I am suppose to write the content.


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    Dear Hareesh Vemuri,

    In you can write articles on various categories like
    • Google Plus Apps
    • Google Plus Circles
    • Google Plus Sparks
    • Google Plus Hangouts
    • Google Plus Mobile
    • Google Plus tutorials
    • Google+ News
    These are the categories currently available in our site. However, many categories will be created in future.Start posting your content to earn more.

    Shafi Ahamed

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    Hi Mr.Tony,
    You are doing a great work.I want to know that what are the requirements or prerequisites for the above mentioned posts.

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    Hello Ravi Kaushik,

    Prove yourself that you are a good article writer and good team player.This will help getting more chances of selecting as a webmaster or an editor.Try to increase your membership level posting more articles on GPT.

    Shafi Ahamed

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    I think there are about 17 applications associated with Google with the latest being Google . I think the members can write on all the features of Google in the site as many of the features are being further emhanced by Google. The Google features are:
    1. Email service - To send and receive mails

    2. Blog account - To post articles and innovative write up

    3. Google Search Engine - To search the web

    4. Photo Sharing - To share photos

    5. Buzz - To share anything on web

    6. Calendar - To remember important dates

    7. Documents - To save doc and files online

    8. Maps - To track a route and search places on virtual maps

    9. News - To have latest updates and current affairs

    10. YouTube - To share videos and keep them safe online

    11. Chat - To link with friends and team

    12. Google AdSense account - To earn through Ads

    13. Google Analytics - To analyze your earning through AdSense

    14. Google Webmaster Tool - To keep a track of your earnings

    15. Google Health – To keep a track of better health

    16. Google PowerMeter – To monitor your electricity consumption at home

    17. Google - A brand new social network plan it is the latest feature of

    Nadeem Naqvi

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    We do not allow articles on all Google features as mentioned by you. Instead you can only post articles which are related to the social networking service of Google which is Google+

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    We have a separate site called coming up soon to cover all Google products and services.

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    Dear Tony,

    I want to earn extra earning as well to improve my skills and develop new ideas and expose them through this way. i am interested to write articles about some social services which are directly related to google and will show some hidden parts which can be highlighted, thus we can attract other members, participants and readers too.

    Thanks for giving opportunity.

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    i am afraid to know that a mass participation of members are not happen in GPT...
    is it a failed attempt?

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    This is great news which will further enhance the interaction and innovative working on this new site.
    thanks i am part of this site.

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    This is a great news to hear that it is bringing a lot of new features in Google+.I hope to bring new articles in this site.Iam also an active member of ISC.

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    Tony sir, many of the users has already applied for the post, i don't now by the time i am writing this and you will notice my application, may be you would have selected one of the above members as the webmaster or editors.
    Though i am applying it very late, but i think i have much chances to be selected on the basis of my articles i have written for
    Sir, i kindly request you to go through all these resources submitted by me and then decide, whom you are going to select as the Webmaster and editor of this site.

    These are few of my articles posted on this site.
    1.How to use sparks on Google+
    2.Now share your circle with anyone you want on Google plus
    3.upcoming features on Google plus, call your friends
    4.Upcoming features on Google+, wall writing and Ask Expert

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    Some more of articles on Google+,
    Upcoming features on Google plus, privacy presets and more photo viewing options

    Sir, please review my articles and consider me for the post. Sir, I am also a Gold member on ISC and Silver member on

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    Please try to post detailed posts and not 10-15 line posts. Such small posts are harmful and do not show any talent. Please go through other article in the Resource section to see good quality articles on Google plus tips.

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    Thank you Ankit, I have seen the pending status and the reason and also you have mentioned the same here. I will abide by the guidelines and will surely submit it again by giving nice description about the topics.

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    Sir, One more resource submitted. And this resource is completely abiding the rules and regulations set by the Tony sir, for this site and sister sites of this.
    Here is that article, i think you will surely love it!
    Now enjoy Google+ hangouts on mobile phones.

    Sir, i have given an external link too in the article, but as it is mentioned if the link is necessary you can put it but you have to add either of these two tags. so i have used the later one.

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    Hello Tony sir,
    I have recently joined Google+tips and it's really very nice and innovative idea of urs to create a website which provides information about Google+. As Google+ is growing and more people are joining to the website. So more people will look for information about Google+ which this site will provide.

    I am a student now and not a very good writer, but I will try my best to give as much information in this site as I can.
    Sir, may you tell me hoe to write good and innovative contents so that it will create more traffic in this site ?

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    Hello Sir,

    I want to be an editor of this Website. You can see my contributions in this website and also in other sites from Spider Network. So if I'm suitable, please let me know. It would be grateful. Also as Google Adsense is going to come into effect, we can expect many members to join and contribute to GooglePlusTips

    Live Your Life Your Way

    Thanking you,

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    As you can see there is not much contribution here so there is no need for an editor. However if the contribution does increase you will surely be appointed as an editor.

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