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Google announced Google+ today! This is a great news for those who love to hang out in the web, but don't like the privacy concerns in Facebook. Here is your hope from Google. No more worries about your boss watching your social activities in web. Make your circles, choose the circle to post your thoughts and simply click to go! Think loud, but choose who can hear! Google Plus is a new social circle in the web where you can selectively broadcast your thoughts to your preferred circles (groups of friends). Your privacy is not at risk anymore. You choose which circle you want your information to be seen. Google Plus is a new type of social network, where privacy is given due importance. brings you the best Google+ tips to take advantage of the social features brought to you by Google. You are welcome to share whatyou found out about Google+ and rewards are waiting for you.

Google Plus Tips latest updates

Google+ embraces Google Apps business users. Now all Google+ has become part of Google Apps for business. Google is integrating it's new social networking platform with all Google products. Read our Google+ tips to learn more about Google+ social networking platform, latest articles, Google+ game reviews, integration techniques with websites and blogs and more...

Google+ plus new look, feel and features- review

Read about the new features of Google+ Read what all changes and new features have been included in Google+ and if they are the good or the bad. Read what Google and other people have to say about the changes in look and feel on Google+

Google+ game: CityVille review

CityVille is yet another city building game from Zynga. It has been added to Google+ game platform for all its members with 3D effects, creating a visual treat for the members in Google+. Here is the review about CityVille and also steps to follow in playing this CityVille game in Google+.

Google+ game: Triple Town review

Triple Town, is the new game added to Google+ Game Platform. This game is the city building game with quite some attracting and new features which attracts many players. Here is the review of Triple Town which also let you know how to play this game.

How to customize your Google plus profile page

Here in this article I will explain you how to customize the look and feel of your Google plus profile page. You can customize almost everything of your Google+ profile page. The steps are really easy and you can do it without wasting much of your time.

Starter's guide- How to get started at Google plus?

This article mentions the basic and easy steps you need to do after getting a Google plus account. Now it is going to be 2 weeks for me since I am there and I have been a playing a lot around with Google plus features so here are most of them to help you get started on this latest venture of Google into social networking

How to send private messages in Google+

Ability to send private messages is an essential feature in any social networking service. If you are looking for ways to send private messages to your buddies without making them visible to others, there is a way in Google Plus. In this article, I will explain how to send private messages in Google Plus.